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Weekly Transits for February 20th- 26th 2023

Updated: Feb 21

Monday, February 20th

Venus enters Aries

(actually on February 19th at 11:56 pm PST/ February 20th 2:56 am EST)

Aquarius Mercury sextile Aries Chiron @ 13°

2:04 am PST/ 5:04 am EST

Pisces Moon square Gemini Mars @ 16°

10:26 pm PST / February 21st 1:26 am EST

We are in Pisces season. The deep ocean beckons, pulls us into the final lessons of the zodiacal year. The Sun will rise again.

The planet of love, connection, and what we value rises from the depths of the ocean and becomes powered by the flame of the big bang. Venus here is playful, fiery, bold, blunt, and adventurous. Where is your heart ready to be reborn? What do you love doing that you’ve neglected? How have you sacrificed your likes, dislikes, alone time, little pleasures; for someone else, or your job, or because you haven’t prioritized your own needs? In the minefield of navigating everyone’s feelings, have you forgotten your own?

Who can you count on for a good time? Who will play with you?

In a capitalist oligarchy; it’s easy to see play as a luxury that you can’t afford. Play is the basis for teaching, enjoyment, for living. You see birds play in the wind. Cats play with string, or a piece of plastic wrapping. Play is simply: your birthright, and part of the fullness of the experience of living. How dare we NOT play? No one in a terrible situation wants others to stop playing and living. They want to live through the situation so they may play again. We have stripped the human experience from this fundamental way of being, or focused play as only relegated to our glowing rectangles. During Venus in Aries season, I invite you to find your fun again. Connect in the simplest ways so you can savor this fullness.

Aquarian Mercury and Chiron and Aries make a sextile, which I normally don’t focus on, but I saw this one as interesting. This supportive aspect suggests that our healing has power on a most personal level. Our wounding teams up with our higher mind and we’ll be able to communicate, move, travel in ways that are beneficial for all; and by being beneficial for all, we heal ourselves. We stop a cycle of pain. Wounded people wound people. Often we think that these transits need to look like big ornate things, when really this can be a quick moment, a mostly private and humble realization. We make magic every day we work with the energies before us.

Pisces Moon squares Gemini Mars where we see an interplay between our body’s emotional reactions and actions. Mars will move us quickly into verbal, communicative, and curious corners, after a very intuitive spike of knowledge. Our bodies know things, often that our brains do now, and we were raised to ignore that knowledge. We were raised to change the times our bodies want food, or endure hours that don’t work for us, or sitting for hours when we are children.

What is your body telling you today, as we move through Pisces season, and Pisces Moon? You know something, and you might not want to know it. Gemini Mars might be putting pressure on the need to act on this knowledge. This Mars wants to express itself, but overall, Gemini Mars is likely not precise enough to deal with this efficiently. It may say things to gain understanding, but could be indelicate or harsh. Or conversely, you may have to say something, and not be able to hold yourself back. But you might actually not have the words for what’s going on inside of you. Pisces Moon will go straight for your more traumatized tissues. That includes your bloodline. It’s hard to even know what is happening. Have deep compassion for yourself and others while moving through this terrain.

Tuesday, February 21st

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @24°

11:24 am PST/ 2:24 pm EST

Aquarius Mercury square Taurus Uranus @ 15°

2:25 pm PST/ 5:25 pm EST

Your intuition and psychic powers are on point today. Because Neptune is involved, it’s likely there will be no clarity or full cognitive understanding on what you are intuiting, but this isn’t brain work. This is water work. Your body, nerve endings, the messages in your blood, they are all linked to the water systems and regulation. They have their own information superhighway, they compute what is happening emotionally, and felt things in the body. They know– before you do– when you are in danger, when you are being told untruths, when you are falling in love. This merging of Moon and Neptune asks us to feel into it. What is going on inside of you?