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Weekly Transits for February 27th- March 5th 2023 referencing PST time zone

Monday February 27th

Gemini Moon square Pisces Sun & sextile Aries Venus @ 8°

12:05 am PST/ 3:05 am EST-

Gemini Moon sextile Aries Jupiter @ 11°

6:05 am PST/ 9:05 am EST

Gemini Moon sextile Aries Chiron @ 13°

10:29 am PST/ 1:29 pm EST

Gemini Moon conjunct Mars @ 18°

8:21 pm PST/ 11:21 pm EST

Today Gemini Moon is stirring the batter. What are we baking? First a square with Pisces Sun suggests there is a lot to learn about ourselves and the way we process our own ego and energy, but the sextile with Aries Venus suggests that there is some quick sparkling and connective energy that is helping this realization along.

Gemini Moon is sociable, curious, and active in the body, Aries Venus is quick, blunt, excitable, and playful. These two are working through a tension, the absolute depth of feeling, the oceanic tides of Pisces Sun. Pisces Sun says you can’t escape your feelings, or death, or endings, or the fact that we are all interconnected. Pisces Sun will hold you in place, not by bondage, but being rooted to the universal oneness. Where are you actually going? There is something romantic, artistic, and wise about this combination. Meditations will be potent. Art will be inspired.

Last week we talked about this applying conjunction to Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. We are still in it. The hurts are coming, again and again. We are playing off of each others’ hurts. All the wounds are being exposed.

Gemini Moon will sextile both Jupiter, then Chiron, perhaps giving us words or cognition to what is happening within our belief system, wounding, and healing trajectories. Gemini Moon is curious enough to try to understand. Can you feel the edge of the wound without being sad that it is there? Can you appreciate its power and change your beliefs around it? Sextiles are beneficial, and Gemini Moon is curious enough to help us learn more about what’s going on here.

Moon conjuncts Mars in Gemini. We may have instant reactions that will become actions. How are you processing the information and how are you acting on it? This can be flirty, sexy, and emotionally charged. It can also be argumentative, engaging, or passionate. Whatever is coming up, actions, feelings, and words will be working together….sort of, in an abstract and “all over the place” way. This is smart, sassy, and honest energy.

Tuesday February 28th

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 24°

7:45 am PST/ 10:45 pm EST

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Mercury @ 26°

11:27 am PST/ 2:27 pm EST

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Saturn @ 29°

5:07 pm PST/ 8:07 pm EST

Gemini Moon has us feeling the duality. There is depth because the Moon reaches back to the universal mother and deepest connection we have, but in general, Gemini likes to keep it light, conversational, and move forward. When Gemini squares Pisces Neptune, we may find ourselves having to deal with a deeper, bigger issue. There will likely be no clarity, no ability to “just move on” and confusion can have us in a fog.

Hopefully with a helpful trine to Aquarius Mercury, we might gain understanding and compassion, or at least seeing the bigger picture of what feels unknowable. Aquarius Mercury has its lens on the whole, and rebels when it looks like things are awry. We might have a fundamental moment of “no.” Gemini Moon will know in the body what the truth is, together they will process the information well.

Gemini Moon then tries Aquarius Saturn. Who you are and how you work with your dual nature will be supported by your role in the world, society, and the boundaries of time? Gemini Moon stuff is ephemeral, and Aquarius Saturn is the time stamp. Sometimes we are helped greatly by reality’s ability to tether us to what’s actually happening, when we get lost in our h