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Weekly Transits for February 6th -12th 2023 referencing PST Time Zone

Long form Weeklies on the top, Cheat sheet below:

Monday February 6th

Yod with Leo Moon at apex 24°, inconjunct Capricorn Mercury 23° and Pisces Neptune @ 23°

Leo Moon opposes Aquarian Saturn @ 26°

Capricorn Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow @ 24°

Our emotional selves, our bodies are the apex of this “finger of god” energy with Mercury and Neptune. Love, compassion, confusion, and spirituality work with the way we think and communicate. Our ability to process rationally and practically is what helps our highest and most spiritual aims. Whatever dual energy this produces, it’s expressed through the emotional body, perhaps it’s a dream, a realization, or a dominant emotion that comes up: big. There is something to pay attention to here, with whatever arises. Remember this is a freshly full, waning moon. What kind of attention are you getting, craving, or giving?

Our feline Moon makes an opposition to cooler than a cucumber Saturn. This is a fixed opposition, so there is some harmony in immovability. Whatever emotional realization or bodily response that you contend with on that full moon, is sided with a societal and collective consequence. Aquarius Saturn says that we are still in a society and collective and there are moving parts to that. Saturn says that there will be a counter balance to whatever we throw out. This can sometimes be a glorious thing. While Leo Moon is a fiery and emotion-led impulse, it’s best if we can incorporate some forethought to our actions. This opposition is that tension of this; or that.

Finally after all that astrology in the last few months, Mercury is leaving its post retrograde shadow. The trickster has taught its lessons to us for now-- and we are slowly working through the aftermath. Which house worked you over? How did you do? Usually after a retrograde, there has been a denouement, but also a challenge to work through before getting the skip in your step back.

Tuesday February 7th

Virgo Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 8°

Virgo Moon square Gemini Mars @ 11°

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Venus @ 14°

This earthy Moon is in service. Who and what are you devoted to these days? Who are you called to help? Where is that impulse coming from? Is there an edge to it, like you might really screw everything up if you’re not careful? Are you taking this on out of a sense of duty, or a sense of “I can’t mess this up?” Are you carefully trying to manage all the pieces, have them exactly in place, like a house of cards that could fall down at any time?

Virgo Moon is always coming from a powerful “why” that causes it to act. Sometimes it’s trying to control everything before it all falls down. At its absolute best, Virgo Moon is being careful, deliberate, intentional, and devotional. If you can lock into that vibe, you’re golden for the next few days.

Virgo Moon does a nice trine with the Taurean North Node, suggesting that there’s some important and pleasant earthly boost here. In whatever direction that you are headed, there’s a practical and concrete benefit coming to you this time. Remember benefits aren’t always judged as such. The North Node feels a bit more unnatural and awkward, and Virgo Moon doesn’t really like to play in that sandbox. It likes to know what it’s doing. But perhaps there is a nice fusion between what you are learning and what your body knows. Perhaps you are feeling a powerful “why” and a powerful sense of duty, and that is what propels you into uncharted territory.

That same slow, deliberate, and categorical impulse will square its Mercurial counterpart, Gemini Mars. There is likely an interesting mix of information and action going on in this mutable square. Virgo understands Gemini and yet works very differently. Gemini is abstract, an “ideas” energy, Virgo is the scientist, out to prove and execute those ideas. Gemini Mars is bouncing through the possibilities and using action to make sense of what’s going on, hands are waving, conversation is bountiful. But there is a solid, slow, and precise energy slowing down these particle waves. Virgo Moon is in the body, it holds the “reason” for the actions being taken or reactions being felt, and it’s also contending with a sense of cosmic responsibility. Can you balance a sense of flighty erratic energy that wants to discover everything with a focused and earthy rooted sense of devotion?

Virgo Moon then opposes Pisces Venus. This mutable pair are a powerhouse of change. Pisces Venus’s power is its distinct vulnerability. It can be penetrated, obliterated, or absorbed. Pisces Venus is for all of us, every last drop of us, even the ugliest, most heinous parts of us. Pisces Venus loves us, and it’s strength is that its unending and borderless.

Virgo Moon searches for borders and categories, its response to pressure is to put everything in its place, and understand the sum of all the parts. There is something deeply emotional and deeply healing about the emotional body and the connecting planet doing this work together. There is an experience of deep emotional trust that may be tested here. Can you let go of control? How deeply can you love? Can you hold on to the parts of yourself that make you feel like you and not be absorbed into someone else. Can you keep your boundaries that help you navigate the world safely? This opposition might bring up some triggering stuff. If you have a history of abuse or gaslighting in your life, please be on alert. You may be tested with this. Do you have a confidante or someone you ultimately can trust with debriefing? Be rooted in what’s real- what you can taste, touch, smell or hear. If you feel a sense of danger, pay attention to that impulse.

Wednesday February 8th

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune @ 23°

Pisces Venus sextile Taurus Uranus @ 15°

Gemini Mars sextile