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Weekly Transits for January 23rd-January 29th referencing PST time zone

(Cheat Sheet of the transits now at the bottom)

Monday January 23rd

Aquarius Moon conjunct Saturn @ 24° conjunct Venus @ 25°

The week could open with some feelings of being “othered,” separate, disconnected, or relegated to the back of the station wagon. This can be super triggering for some of us, and for others, we actually like being away from the fray, and take comfort in the privacy that “nobody understands who we are.” I like to think of Aquarius as an incubator for downloads from the divine. We are highly receptive and wise in Aquarius provided we aren’t distracting ourselves from our work (Saturn.) Uranus and Saturn rule Aquarius, and it’s that Saturnian tethering to our “work” which is part of our vibe today.

How are you interacting with your family/ community/ groups you are a member of? What are your expectations around this interaction? Where do you feel apart, misunderstood, or very unlike everyone else? The Moon is our physical emotional body, and Venus our subjective feelings about things. They are both looking at the higher level here.

Furthermore, how and where do you feel more evolved than everyone else? Where have you grown beyond them? This isn’t an ego thing, or a righteous thing. It’s a deep Saturnian knowing. If you’ve evolved beyond them then you have a big responsibility to keep the evolution flowing.

Aquarius is calling us forward, and your evolution is the world’s evolution. You ARE the technology. The original intelligence before AI. YOU are helping to bring us into the future. How do you bear the water through this upcoming threshold of change we are embarking on together?

Tuesday January 24th

Aquarius Sun sextile Aries Jupiter @ 4°

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 23°

This week bears less water and lots of water bearing. But today we have both. I don’t normally point out sextiles but this Sun/Jupiter number is pretty gorgeous, and exact for most of the day. You are coming to a truth about where you are going. Your ego, life affirming, self is working well with your inspired expansion. Where are you headed? Are you at a rest stop on your journey? If so, this rest stop bears the fruit of fixed energy working with cardinal energy. You are initiating something big, but/and/also you are standing in your powerful knowing, too. There is something here and now that wants to talk to you. Notice your wisdom. Like that incubator I mentioned, be available for epiphanies.

With that background, Moon conjuncts Neptune for a psychic, intuitive emotional body knowing. Neptune will obfuscate the message, or confuse it, but it’s felt in the body AND soul, with that Sun/Jupiter sextile in the background. I like this combination a lot and feel like there’s some lovely opportunities for meditation and spirituality, for journeying, and healing.

If the emotional response is sharp, remember to move your heart into compassion and forgiveness practice. If you can’t forgive them for whatever the transgression is, try to forgive yourself. You deserve forgiveness and compassion as you contend with emotions; like a rogue firehose of water. It feels out of control because it’s hard to regulate things like this in the middle of late stage capitalism.

I have to say, I would make a point of creating art today, whether you think you’re an artist or not. Art for your own sake would be a wonderful way to work with this energy.

Wednesday January 25th

Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 4°

Moon conjunct Jupiter might come with excess, big feelings (declarations of love? Breakdowns? Something that makes you say “you can’t tell me what to do!”) but big feels can be a sense of purpose, a sense of energy, impetus to initiate that project, or an intuitive kick in the pants.

This is a brash and bold conjunction that I’m personally edging towards feeling warm and fuzzy with, but I’m an Aries, so mind my bias. Aries likes to “go” so mind your excesses with Jupiter there, such as alcohol, speeding in your car, or overconfidence in dealings with others. These things could have you struggling with an otherwise sweet moment of harmony between “I am” and “what could be.”

Mark Jones pointed out on his blog that Jupiter is in the early stages now of taking his 12 year transit. He offers what Mark calls “a 12 step program” to begin a larger scale, 12 year project. Have you considered this? What is the dream coming through you through your bloodline?

I like this day for ancestral work. Light a candle for those that carried you through their blood, war and famine to get you– to the “you”– you are today. You are their Jupiterian expansion. How will you honor that? One way is to connect into that 12 step dream.

Thursday January 26th

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 11°-12° square Capricorn Mercury @ 11°-12°

Venus enters Pisces (until February 19th)

Capricorn Mercury square Aries Chiron @ 12°

We are in the thick of Aquarian fixed air season and yet– some Aries energy to contend with. Moon conjunct Chiron could hurt or trigger, but it could also be an identity wound you have integrated well into your psyche. With the square to Capricorn Mercury, you can guarantee that you’ll keep a cool, practical head around it. You’ll persevere. Maybe– you’ll find a way to be a healing force in whatever your work is. You don’t need to do reiki, acupuncture or lead ceremonies to be a healer. Healing is in the way you treat your family, friends, and colleagues. You can be a landscaper and heal the soil, a family lawyer and do healing for families. There are many many ways to transmute pain into compassion, forgiveness, and see the high level view of how to move forward–together– from a painful and traumatic world.

And what better kick-off than that to find fair Venus moving into Pisces? She is exalted in Pisces so this transit, after so much tough astrology, has sweet notes to it. Venus in Pisces is artistic, poetic, affectionate. She wants to help those that are marginalized, racialized. She wants to dissolve the borders around love. She is her own kind of healer, with capacity to see everyone with equal eyes.

One warning about this transit is that Venus in Pisces– is the time to open up and say “yes” but not the time to double down on something that moves quick. Pisces opens us up so much, we are porous sponges for energy– and we can be taken advantage of. Empaths beware! There is shadow energy on the hunt for compassion, understanding, but also a host– and if you find yourself taking on someone else’s problems and their problems becoming your obsession, you might have found yourself in a seduction or delusion. Those of you who work with p