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Weekly transits for January 30th, 2023- February 5th, referencing PST time zone

Long form weeklies at the top, cheat sheet at the bottom:

Monday January 30th

Gemini Mars trine Aquarius Sun @ 10°

Gemini Moon square Pisces Venus @ 4°

Gemini Moon conjunct Mars @ 10° trine Aquarius Sun @ 11°

Monday has some Gemini vibes with Moon and Mars doing some serious conversational tango. Which of your houses is ruled by Gemini? You probably have some tender edges there, what with Mars having gone retrograde recently. What is your relationship to anger, impetus, and energy in this house?

So let’s recap what Gemini Mars feels like: an impulse to act, usually verbally. A moving speech, witty repartee, winning an argument, finding your words to explain, writing a magnum opus. Maybe you’ve needed to send out some clear communications. Maybe you’ve needed to dig deep on some topic and REALLY understand it because it underlies everything that’s coming into focus now. Maybe it’s being worn really thin between competing projects that need you to have your foot on the gas pedal. When Mars was retrograde, it probably felt like there was a foot on the gas pedal, and the brake, but now… Look at you go.

This fast moving Mars makes a lovely trine to Aquarius Sun. You are a master orator, conversational genius, and you are thinking high level at your job, in your family, and in your community. Did you make some headway using the power of your noggin? Did you find a way to be understood, heard, or get things moving in an area that needed attention?

When Moon squares Venus there may be some emotional responses, felt in the body, felt between you and others. Pisces Venus offers up BIG HEART and dreamscapes, Gemini Moon may not take the greatest care with that. There could be hurt feelings, attachment issues, or overwhelm (feeling trapped?) with this vibe. If you are an artist, writer/ songwriter, I feel like you could really pull some genius from your daemons. Show up at the page/ guitar/ synth/ easel and see what happens?

Moon conjuncts Mars for a beautiful Gemini explosion of energy. How will your body/ mind/ soul move today? There’s an abstract intelligence to Gemini, so if there’s a social engagement, or people to talk to today, you might really find a place with it. But what about moving your body to process the things in your mind? Gemini Mars could be well served simply by “taking it for a walk.” Go listen to a podcast, go out in nature and let your thoughts run wild, go for that run to nowhere in particular, as your anxiety, panic, or overwhelm expels itself into the ether. We all feel these tough emotions, and forget sometimes that it’s just energy that wants to move.

If you struggle with moving energy out of your body, through injury, illness, time constraints etc. Is there a way to put on some music and dance in the way your unique body can move, even if it’s in a chair?

Tuesday January 31st

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 23°

An interesting day in Aquarius season. How is Aquarius season landing for you? I’m finding it alienating and stark. It’s forcing me to look inward.

The big moment of the day is a square between Neptune and Moon, and it’s a quick one. But we are in an air season with all planets moving forward. “Quick” is the vibe. However, this is a square between Moon and Pisces Neptune: vast ocean of all-there-is; not so time-oriented. Not so linear, tangible, or clear.

What’s coming up today is a way to do, or connect to your ancestral lineage, your trauma responses, and your processes? Neptune is all about compassion and altered states, confusion and dreams.

Do you have a moment to speak about past life regression/ medicine journeying/ journal writing/ cranial sacral healing/ screaming into the void? What is your medicine? Is it hours of TV shows, 1-8 glasses of wine after work, deflecting any attention on yourself and instead focusing on your partner or kids or someone else who needs your attention?

There is no judgment from here. We choose our medicine based on our birth charts, our traumas, and our triggers. But many of us forget that we are simply trying to soothe ourselves with our medicine. Many of us attach shame to our coping mechanisms.

Do you have a moment to admit that it’s time to focus on you– your healing– your pain, and that when you prioritize that, it benefits EVERYONE. Unhealed people are ruling the planet, destroying our ecosystem, and forgetting who they are and that they are of the land. If you have a moment to wade into this Moon/Neptune moment, remember your divinity, and your responsibility to heal yourself.

Wednesday February 1st

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Saturn @ 25°

Some more Gemini action today. Have you been chatty, curious, and learning about all kinds of things? Has your body, and reactions been all over the place? This air trine– working with Aquarius Saturn, wants you to come to a high truth. What’s the story arc in terms of where you sit in the collective growth of consciousness? Are you moving through humanity’s story with the way you deal with your inner self?