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Weekly transits for June 19th- June 25th

Monday June 19

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

6:08 pm PST/ 9:08 pm EST

As Gemini Season winds down we feel the change in the air. Here where I live in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s as cold as the beginning of spring, and we call it June-uary. Cancer season will be an initiation into a new season. We still have some heavy hitters in Taurus (Uranus, Mercury, and North Node) but the personal planets are splayed out in Leo, Cancer, and Gemini today. Change is coming, the third act in the 4 part series of the year. What did spring/ fall teach you? Who did you become?

Cancer Moon will have your feelings immediately available. You are sensitive, and that sensitivity is a river of creation. It’s hard sometimes to contain the waters that Cancer brings, but Cancer has a hard shell– knows how to turn anything into “home.” Cancer Moon knows that the body is home. That Moon is squaring Aries Chiron meaning that you are likely to not only feel your wound today, but it will make you act and do something. It will cause you to move.

How do you identify with your wound, and do you feel it in your body? Do you notice that your wound brushes up against others in relationships? Do you know how to nurture yourself when your wounding becomes overwhelming?

Tuesday June 20

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

10:22 am PST/ 1:22 pm EST

Cancer Moon opposes Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees 2:42 pm PST/ 5:42 pm EST

( apex of T-square to North Node in Taurus at 1 degree)

5:20 pm PST/ 8:20 pm EST

Cancer Moon is the player today– doing its watery and emotional best to keep you safe, nurture your family and provide you creative and intuitive powers. The Moon is reflective, ancestral, and deeply related to your cycles, and in Cancer she is powerfully able to execute her work. She trines Pisces Neptune who is also in domicile, and together we have some psychic power reaching through infinite space. What is your calling from within? What are your emotions telling you?

This is a powerfully creative transit– what are you working on? What do you bring your artistry and creative power to?

Moon then opposes Capricorn Pluto to then create a T-square with Taurus North Node. There are personal and karmic forces coming to a head today. Have you noticed forces that want to change you, despite what you had in mind? Cancer Moon will make it personally clear, in your emotional body and intuition, and Capricorn Pluto will continue to turn up the soil and expose what is beneath. What is real now and how does it feel?

The T-square apexing with Taurus North Node is no joke. This aspect is designed to bring you forward into the future, whether or not you are kicking and screaming. This transit is both/ and, and could be dealing with matriarchs and patriarchs in your family; how they can be both nurturing and stable but also destructive and filled with trauma. Both can be true. But this energy exits through Taurus North Node, asking us to be patient, intentional, and careful. We can live in an emotional cocoon and we can also let the waters spill. Turning the soil can reveal both healthy dirt, or biohazards left behind from previous generations. Either way, we are headed to a future that is concerned with our values, and our security. What is coming up today around this?

This is the last day of Gemini season, spring in the Northern hemisphere, and fall in the Southern hemisphere. Gemini had to do most of the air-work for us for the last month. Did you get out of your comfort zone or routine? Did you buzz around at parties, learning about new subjects and people? Did you leave the house, write about your experience, report in? Did you change your opinion about someone or something? Did you encounter duality in yourself and another?

Wednesday June 21

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 7 degrees

6:14 am PST/ 9:14 am EST

Cancer season begins/ Summer Solstice Northern Hemisphere/ Winter Solstice Southern Hemisphere

7:57 am PST/ 10:57 am EST

Leo Moon conjunct Venus @ 14 degrees

8:06 pm PST/ 11:06 pm EST

Today is a big day. It is a threshold in which you will be journeying into a new season– Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

We start the day with a fixed square, between Moon and Jupiter. Your body may experience a tension or contraction rooted in your values and personal expansion. You may be called, or driven to push further, or work harder. Your body may rebel against this or feel like it needs to act on behalf. You may feel that you have to put yourself out there, and yet does this make sense for you? Are your values changing? Your beliefs about yourself? Do you know what you are working towards and what the value is?

Cancer season is here! You’ll want to stay home more, and be with your families more, and you may be more artistic than usual. You may feel the need to batten the hatches and focus on localized issues rather than travel and get out there. There is a moodiness to Cancer season, because of its entrenchment to the moon’s movement. You might find yourself more introverted, more private, and vulnerable, or you might find yourself ready to defend your loved ones.

Leo Moon then conjuncts Venus, letting us feel connection and value directly in our bodies. This is a deep and intense transit, asking you to feel things, value what is important, and reflect that out into the world. What does your heart want?

Cancer waters the Taurus dirt to make things grow. Cancer, above all else, is personal growth. Growth is uncomfortable, as we all know, but we won't get to Leo season without this. That is why Cancer is so moody, and emotional. That is why she is so well represented by the Chariot card in tarot. Cancer localizes on its connections and secure containers to bring us to a place where we can really move through change. We cannot move through change without emotional truth. The only way out is through. And a lot of that is hard work.

Thursday June 22

Leo Moon conjunct Mars @ 19 degrees

5:40 am PST/ 8:40 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

6:24 am PST/ 9:24 am EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

9:59 am PST/ 12:59 pm EST

Leo Moon has big feelings rooted in personal pride and responsibility. Leo Moon can be accused of attention seeking but no one talks about how this attention can often be a burden, and that Leo Moon becomes a spokesperson while the rest of us can fade into obscurity. Just because you win attention, doesn’t mean that you are a beloved character.

Leo Moon conjuncts Mars to see how our actions and cycles integrate. Moon is body, and Mars is how we move our energy. Together these two ask us: Are we in integrity? Moving on behalf of others? Are we simply trying to get noticed and seen? The latter isn’t a bad thing, we all want to be seen for our talents and fullness, but we do want to make sure that our actions reflect our hearts. Leo is all about heart.

So as we move through this idea, Leo Moon trines Aries Chiron; kicking us back into our wounding. How does your wounding define your identity? Do you carry evidence of it every day? Does your wound cause you to act defensively, out of jealousy, or assuming that everything will descend into chaos if you don’t do everything in your power to prevent it? Your wound is a gift that you did not ask for. Can you see that part of it? Leo Moon is trying to help you see this sweet spot– the gift you did not ask for but you got regardless.

Finally Leo Moon squares Taurus Uranus, asking divine insight to come forth. This can be inspiring; but remember the last time you were called to leave a relationship or your job? Inspiration is not always pleasantly enjoyed. It involves a very heart-led knowing, rooted in your flesh, and the flash of insight that only Uranus can deliver. Uranus will deliver epiphanies like breadcrumbs leading you to to what you value, what you want to work towards, and what practical reality wants for you. This is an investigation into what is sustaining you. Can you contemplate what that looks like for you?

Friday June 23

Virgo Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 1 degree

5:36 am PST/ 8:36 am EST

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Saturn @ 7 degrees

6:05 pm PST/ 9:05 pm EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 8 degrees

7:51 pm PST/ 10:51 pm EST

Virgo Moon will have your bodies and minds investigating, categorizing and perfecting things. First we kick the day off with an earth trine between Virgo Moon and Taurus North Node. This hyper-analytical vibe can be a lot of overthinking in overdrive, but it’s helping direct you in a forward fashion to the North Node. What do you know about where you are headed in the future. What feels fated? Is there something you are learning or you have learned about the practicality of being alive? How do you find stability and rootedness in your body when you are challenged to move forward?

This question continues when Virgo Moon makes an opposition to Pisces Saturn. We are exploring order and chaos, structure, hard work, and our bodily regulation. We are learning how to pull things apart and analyze them, but also let things go that do not serve. We are learning to put structure and form into the formless ideas that are emerging, but also to make sure each little piece works. What work do you find yourself always contending with? Has anything changed in terms of what you are working on? If so, how?

Virgo Moon makes a beneficial trine to Taurus Jupiter. Your belief system will be boosted by whatever particulate Virgo Moon is dishing out. Because we are in Cancer season, there is a fair degree of initiation going on. Virgo Moon will hold you to a high standard, but Taurus Jupiter is ready to expand the standard. It will ask you to be even better, and more, and that you do the work to get there. Do your finances need a boost? Does your spending need to go down? Are you trusting yourself and your process? This is a practical trine designed for practical gains.

Saturday June 24

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

10:51 pm PST/ June 25th 1:51 am EST

Whatever Virgo Moon is trying to perfect, Taurus Uranus will help free you from what is keeping you from moving forward. Taurus Uranus will take practical steps to surprise and show you a path that you have not considered. Virgo Moon loves to serve, Taurus Uranus wants you to serve yourself. It’s not always easy to do when you carry so many ancestral secrets in your joints and bones. They gave you biological fears and proclivities so that you would survive through long winters and famines. But your body now exists in a different plane, where there is grocery stores, internet, climate change and air conditioning. Our calamities and ideas from the divine are asking for us to come up with new innovations and revolutions to keep us going– collectively. Taurus Uranus is connected to this impulse, which is wider and bigger than just you. And yet it is felt and processed by you. What new ideas or impulses have come through today?

Sunday June 25th

T square: Gemini Mercury is apex, squaring Virgo Moon and Pisces Neptune opposition, all at 27 degrees

11:18 am PST/ 2:18 pm EST

Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

3:23 pm PST/ 6:23 pm EST

An interesting mutable T-square wants us to level up in our thinking and communication. Mercury in Gemini is already quite powerful just because it works so well in this sign, thinking is quick, and words are precise. The pressure from the Virgo Moon and Pisces Neptune opposition is asking us to both dissolve and perfect our egos at the same time. This is spiritual, specific, and confusing. There are two tracks going at once, and it feels contradictory, but it is not. It is absolutely guiding you to your own brain, your own channel, and your own evolution. You are absolutely ready to work on this. The tension created with this T-square is demanding change.

Next an earth trine with Moon and Pluto. Pluto is trying to do its last magic in Capricorn for a long, long time. It is trying to transform and destroy what does not serve, and Virgo Moon also wants things to be perfect for practical reasons. These two work together despite the fact that there might be a mess to clean up. Capricorn is working hard to make sure that the lessons that need to be learned are learned, and that there is a propulsion forward. Virgo Moon will have a hard time with all the mess, but an easy time with the clarity that the transformation brings.

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