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Weekly Transits for June 26th- July 2nd

Monday June 26th

Libra Moon square Cancer Sun @ 4 degrees

12:49 am PST/ 3:49 am EST

Leo Mars Square Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

2:22 am PST/ 5:22 am EST

Mercury enters Cancer

5:23 pm PST/ 8:23 pm EST

Libra Moon likes a harmonious centre, balance, and cadence. Libra Moon doesn’t like intervals, big moon swings, and fierce back-and-forth. Anything that feels too uneven to Libra Moon feels unsafe. Cancer Sun will understand somewhat where Libra Moon comes from, but also will be shining some of its light on the subconscious nature of this danger. Something could come up around your past and even more specifically your mother figure that will turn you a bit inside out. Balance is a goal but there is no such thing as a finite equilibrium. The fact that balances move and recalibrate is something we all have to learn internally and externally, but cultivating safety will depend on this light from Cancer Sun. Whatever tests you with this tension, it will help you.

Leo Mars is headstrong, ready, and confident to take action. You may have a very strong impulse to get what you want, and believe that getting what you want is what’s best for all . You may know that you have what it takes, and feel rooted in your “why” of doing it. But Leo Mars is in a square to Taurus Uranus and that means something is going to challenge this notion on whether or not this brings freedom or if this is your individualistic will. Are you going your “own way” or are you following your own beat? Take care, this is an accident prone aspect! This square is trying to get you in touch with your values, and your greater role in the world. Do you have a “why” that is for the greater good? Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose?

The winged messenger enters Cancer today. Mercury, in Cancer, is more careful and mindful, nurturing, and emotional. These waters run deep, and that means there is something more sticky about this Mercury. This Mercury likes to listen more than talk. It wants to truly understand, they remember your stories and details. They think like a Cancer, so there is an easily hurt and defensive quality rooted in vulnerability here. Keep that in mind no matter what side of the conversation you are on.

Tuesday June 27th

Cancer Mercury sextile Taurus North Node @ 0 degrees

2:15 am PST/ 5:15 am EST

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

6:21 am PST/ 9:21 am EST

Cancer Mercury makes some opportunity with Taurus North Node today. 0 degrees is some pure energy to work with and this Mercury is sensitive enough to intensify this need to communicate, know, understand, and feel safe. If you find yourself able to offer some listening or nurturing processing out in the world, know that there’s something significant about this moment.

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron. There is a difference between a need for relational balance and harmony that comes into conflict with a need for self identity within an experience of shame. These two make strange bedfellows as Libra Moon has a tendency to skim over and rationalize in order keep order, when wounded Aries will act out for no other reason than it needs to express. This could come up with another person, and it could bring you back to the scene of the crime. Your wounding could be either the fiery expression of Aries or the experience of Libra Moon trying to minimize your pain. Either way there is an opportunity for healing here.

Wednesday June 28th

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

1:18 am PST/ 4:18 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus North Node @ 0 degrees

3:19 am PST/ 6: 19 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Cancer Mercury @ 3 degrees

8:30 am PST/ 11:30 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 7 degrees

3:05 pm PST/ 6:05 pm EST

Water trine with Cancer Sun @ 7 degrees

4:12 pm PST/ 7:12 pm EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 8 degrees

6:27 pm PST/ 9: 27 pm EST

Cancer Sun trine Pisces Saturn @ 7 degrees

6:35 pm PST/ 9:35 pm EST

Lots of action today. First our inner negotiator comes into a deadlock with a need to control, transcend, or destroy. Capricorn Pluto believes in hierarchy and roles. Are you fulfilling your role? Are you negotiating with a bad apple? There is dissonance because you need to understand the power plays at work. Trauma begets more trauma if we don’t bring light to it. Libra Moon is working from the past paradigm. We might be subconsciously trying to make things better while not realizing that we are trying to control a situation.

Scorpio Moon puts us in a situation with someone where there is investigative and focused energy flowing. This Moon is powerful and intuitive and there’s no wiggling out of its gaze. Is there anyone in your life who is heavily focused on you right now? What do you think of this gaze? Or further are you heavily focused on another person? Is it a healthy focus and is it serving you? Has this person needed your focus and now you are able to finally give it? It’s hard to manage the water pressure of human relationships, and it’s never going to be a consistent flow. Scorpio Moon teaches us some strong sensitivity with this transit opposite the North Node. Where is your focused attention taking you?

Scorpio Moon then makes a trine first to Cancer Mercury. Your thoughts and communications will compliment and inspire your focus and investigative sensitivities. You will know how to listen and support, you will know how to nurture and focus on what is important. Doors may open up to help you bring what is needed to the table-- emotionally.

Scorpio Moon trines Pisces Saturn only to form a water trine with Cancer Sun. Today speaks to healing, bringing what’s hidden to light to serve the big dream of what you’re working towards. Pisces Saturn’s transit is asking us to master being part of everything, and find the depth and unity necessary to carry us all through this confusing transitional time in the world. Your dreams are the fuel. Cancer Sun sheds light on the process, helping us see what traumas and hurts are being carried, and can be released. This is a big day of healing. It sure might not be easy or fun. But you’ve needed this for a while, and it’s part of your work.

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter. You may find yourself in a quarrel or argument rooted in stubbornness, ideals, values, and sensitivities. You may find that your focus might be challenged by the expanse or excess from someone you value. You may find yourself reluctantly spending time with more people than you bargained for.

The final part of the water trine goes exact with Cancer Sun and Pisces Saturn as if to shed light and make it obvious what healing was needed, where it was happening, and how to proceed. It’s been a highly emotional day, and healing isn’t always pretty. But Pisces Saturn it leading us to something bigger and deeper, and Cancer Sun may have to face some fears to make this progress. But this will help bring form to what is emerging.

Thursday June 29th

Leo Venus trine Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

1:18 am PST/ 4:18 am EST

Scorpio Moon square Leo Venus @ 20 degrees

2:31 pm PST/ 5:31 pm EST

T-square: apex is Leo Venus @ 20 degrees & also Leo Mars @ 23 degrees squaring Scorpio Moon opposite Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

5:21 pm PST/ 8:21 pm EST

Cancer Mercury trine Pisces Saturn @ 7 degrees

11: 13 pm PST/ June 30th 2:13 am

Leo Venus wants to be seen. It wants to be adored. It wants to love hard. Aries Chiron will help Venus in this mission by helping us work with the identity wound that makes it hard to receive love. That wound has made it hard for you to believe that you were enough, and that wound has made it difficult to escape that belief. But that wound helped you form the identity of self that is you. This means you can be seen, wounds and all. Your wound cannot be removed from the experience of you, it can only be transmuted. What are you able to bring down today?

Scorpio Moon makes a fixed square to this same Venus. Scorpio is digging in the dirt and trying to pull up the details that none of us want to look at. But the focus and precision of Scorpio Moon will nail us down in whatever this is about. Leo Venus will try to take charge and connect, get what it wants, but it will have to contend with this very deep Moon expression. You might be called to do a bit of shadow work. You might be called to challenge your shadow and receive love and adoration.

Leo Venus teams up with Leo Mars to make a sexy, proud, and bold play. This is an integration between values and actions, and it becomes the apex of the T-square that is forming with Scorpio Moon and Taurus Uranus. Perhaps a relationship scuffle will occur or someone will trigger you in an unexpected way. Scorpio Moon is precise and can feel deeply. It’s exoskeletal. This against a deliberate play for freedom, innovation, and value based insight. This high mind is going to catch us in the chakra-fields and cause a whole lot of inner, nervous system, tension. That tension will release through the apex, at times Venus, and then Mars. This pressure cooker will deliver action, adventure and movement. You will have a strong reaction to whatever prompts this T square for you, and it will cause you to move the energy out. What will you do?

Finally we have a supportive trine with Cancer Mercury and Pisces Saturn. Your words and conversation will serve whatever thing you are trying to bring into form and master. Pisces Saturn will make sure that you check your delusions at the door, and that you are doing the work you were meant to do. Have you started to change your way of thinking? Do you notice a deeper purpose in your words?

Friday June 30th

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

3:57 am PST/ 6:57 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 7 degrees

8:07 pm / 11:07 pm EST

Cancer Mercury Cazimi Sun in Cancer (and Sagittarius Moon quincunx) @ 9 degrees

9:57 pm PST/ July 1st 12:57 am

Scorpio Moon makes a helpful trine to Pisces Neptune. This moon is our body and nervous system, and Scorpio makes us laser-sharp attuned to its messages. Well-- even Scorpio Moon can be confused by Neptune, which pulls us in to a macro-view and simplicity that can be overwhelming and unclear. Together these two can manage an emotional sensitivity that serves the inner self and also the greater good.

Sagittarius Moon creates some tension with a mutable square of Pisces Saturn. This Moon is optimistic, brave, and dynamic, while Pisces Saturn is porous, deep, and austere. This Moon is on vacation in the Himalayas, while Pisces Saturn is the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Can you integrate both? The inspired spiritual life, and the knowledge of our finiteness? Can you figure out what you are doing, and where you are going by going deeper into your motivations and relationship with the life/ death conundrum? Can you know that everything could fall apart, and do it anyway, because it’s all worth it?

Mercury disappears into the Cancer sun for a sacred Cazimi moment. The way we think and communicate, the way we process our knowledge through a tough shell and soft place, the way we know how to nurture and raise a family, all of it integrates into a starting place. This is a beautiful moment for inspiration, the divine is ready to let you know what it wants by letting you become a divine channel for its knowledge. What do you intend? What do you want? What would make you feel safe? What would nurture you and those around you?

Saturday July 1st

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

5:28 pm PST/ 8:28 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Venus Leo @ 21 degrees

8:21 pm PST/ 11:21 pm EST

Two fire trines with Sagittarius Moon help us carry the mission of the Cazimi moment yesterday. We are hammering home optimism, growth and hope through Sagittarius Moon. We have let go of some heavy stuff in Scorpio, and now we are ready to bring the inspiration forth. This is spiritual alchemy, and today it’s first coming through your identity wound. Have you taken time to contemplate your wound and how it comes into play, every day, as you identify as yourself.

Have you spent a day crying about it, wondering when or how you can ever NOT feel it? Wondering what it must be like for everyone else who does not carry such a wound, who does not know how lonely or sad it makes you. Have you contemplated that all of us feel this in some area of our lives? Your wound is part of what ties you to your humanity. Sagittarius Moon wants you aim higher with your wound. You are more because of it.

Then Moon trines Leo Venus, helping us find the inner reserves and purpose, the inspiration and motivation to go after what we want, and receive the adoration and attention that we desire. Sagittarius Moon is a positive boost after a lot of water work. Healing ain’t pretty, and we have been asked to some healing in more public places of late. We are being pulled apart one last time so we can really investigate these deep dark shadows within. We are letting them go so we can go further.

Sunday July 2nd

Sagittarius Moon trine Leo Mars @ 25 degrees

2:18 am PST/ 5:18 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

6:33 am PST/ 9:33 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 0 degrees

11:10 am PST/ 2:10 pm EST

Our bodies find the inspiration and ease to move. Leo Mars is confident and ready to lead the pack. Sagittarius Moon asks us to point the way and let our bodies be ready for the consequences and nuances of our journey. We can work together with action and inner selves to serve the big fire hope. Let’s wrap those together.

Sagittarius Moon makes a mutable square to Pisces Neptune. This is straining rooted in confusion, uncertainty, overshooting, idealism and our past. Part of us wants to run to the finish line and get out of dodge, part of us is opening up to the bigger thing, and getting zapped for forward energy. Momentum can halt when you you find yourself in a hot spring. Where were we going, anyway? Did we really need to go that far? This is the pool for sirens. You can get lost in this energy, but maybe you needed to be lost for a minute? Maybe your body and cycles needed a beat. Fortunately it will pass quickly.

A beautiful earth trine at 0 degrees gives Capricorn Moon the gift of stable and practical power. This Moon is ready to deal with whatever comes. The emotions are secondary to the usefulness. Taurus North Node is having us explore where our values are evolving to, what do we want to make steady growth in, and what will bring us the security we need to get there. Capricorn knows how to serve this goal. It gifts you the bodily knowledge to know what to do. Just because you know, doesn’t mean it’s easy to take that step forward. But you are practical today, and that practicality serves your future trajectory.

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