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Weekly Transits for March 13-18th, 2023 referencing PST time zone

Monday March 13

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 0 °

1:33 am PST/ 4:33 am EST

There are parts of you that are trying to expand. Parts of you that wants more for yourself. You are learning, growing, teaching others what you know. But how good are your boundaries? How clear are you on the work that is ahead? Are you working on the right things?

This energy is 0 degree energy and therefore a very pure flavor of this square aspect. Sagittarius Moon is optimistic, forward aiming, and visionary. Saturn in Pisces is asking us to get clear on what is important and what needs to be shed in order to find the purity of purpose inside of us. We are being tested in terms of our “why” and what is really going on inside. Saturn puts a dose of reality into our dreams, our spirituality, and our vision. Perhaps boundaries will be tested or eroded. Perhaps the stories you have been telling yourself about who you are are keeping you from doing what you need to do? In what ways are you keeping yourself apart from the wholeness of your vision? If you are an artist– what is keeping you from making art? What hurts or victimizations have you internalized into your identity to the point that you are reliving the pain? Can you work through that by letting it be there AND letting it go at the same time?

In what ways are you holding yourself back? Where have you deluded yourself into thinking that something is working, when it is obviously not? Can you allow the house of cards to fall?

This tension is there as a primer for the fresh set of paint that is going up on your walls. This is a quick transit but it is there as a growing conjunction of planets: Mercury, Sun, and Neptune; are getting cozy in Pisces. Our identity, mentality, and sense of compassion and universal love are powering up in these Piscean waters.

Let’s not forget that we are still in the Aries Chiron and Jupiter conjunction too. You are being healed while healing others. There is so much being born into your future with this bold Aries energy, the healing and expansion is emergent. You can’t run away from it. With so much energy in Pisces; there will be things that need to be absorbed, shed, and emotionally integrated. This energy will be moving us all week.

What are you letting go of?

Tuesday March 14

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 14 °

2:16 am PST/ 5:16 am EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Jupiter @ 14 °

2:57 am PST 5:57 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Sun @ 21 °

2:35 pm PST/ 5:35 EST

Mars leaves RX zone

1:24 pm PST/ 4:24 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Mercury @ 21 °

2:38 pm PST/ 5: 38 EST

Gemini Mars square Pisces Neptune @ 25 °

4:02 pm PST/ 7:02 pm EST

T-square: Pisces Sun @ 24° is the apex, squaring Gemini Mars (25 °) and Sagittarius Moon @ 24 °

7:08 pm PST/ 10:08 pm EST- 8:45 pm PST/ 11:45 pm EST

Two trines from Sagittarius Moon to Chiron and Jupiter in Aries lend some very beneficial energy to the healing/healer within. Sagittarius Moon is our deepest impulse to break through; the fire that wants to go further, and grow into something bigger. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so we might really feel our belief systems change for the better. We might turn a corner on something very painful today, or feel soothed by what is unfolding for us as we watch our belief systems dilate.

A mutable square between Sagittarius Moon and Pisces Sun has us contending with optimism and our ego’s needs to shed skins that do not fit anymore. There is an external and internal process here in this square, a contention between what lights us up, and what’s going on inside. This might be emotional; learning that what is happening for us and growing out of us may be changing, and morphing; and these two may not be in complete alignment. Sagittarius Moon has us learning about internal self, Pisces Sun has us exploring our dreams, mystic tendencies, and spiritual selves. Together they make a steamy pair.

Mars has been in Gemini for quite some time, and today it leaves its retrograde shadow. Whatever lessons in energy you have been learning might pick up pace today. You may have had a long lesson about how you verbalize or communicate anger, or your energy, and now the lesson feels integrated. What channels of processing your energy, impulses, and curiosity feel more clear now?

Lending more energy to this theme; Sagittarius Moon squares Pisces Mercury in another mutable square. Internal processes are propelling emotional energy, while psychic and intuitive downloads come through this Piscean Mercury. What are you being drawn to right now? What seems more obvious and clear? What are you learning about your emotional field, and your ideas? The energy will be both subtle and powerful. What are you dreaming about?

Gemini Mars squares Pisces Neptune. Where are putting your energy and do you have clarity about that? All this mutablility speaks to change. Gemini Mars is out of its shadow and therefore has momentum, but perhaps no direction. Pisces Neptune will not be a compass when we are trying to direct ourselves. It will only lend confusion, or perhaps delusion? Be careful about certainty with this transit. Mars can make us righteous, but Neptune guarantees that we don’t really know what’s happening. You might feel in the dark, and even suspicious. Are you acting out of fear?

Then a mutable T-square hammers home the whole collection of transits of the day. Pisces Sun is the apex of this discomfort, and is sitting close to Mercury and Neptune while this energy builds. We are changing.

Pisces Sun says that we are no longer who we think we are. We are more than we thought we ever could be. We are linked to this whole human experience. We went through a big world event that affected everyone and then? What now? This is confusing. Something has changed, and so have we. There could be grief linked in with this. We all wanted change but now it’s here, and we don’t want to say goodbye to our old selves.

Newly empowered Gemini Mars adds the energy that wants to move through this change, while Sagittarius Moon says that inside, within our impulses, we want more. We are pointing our Sagittarian arrow inward and knowing that we can be more and have the faith to execute this change, despite the grief of saying goodbye to what we once were.

Wednesday March 15th

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Venus @ 28 °

1:50 am PST/ 4:50 am EST

Capricorn Moon sextile Pisces Saturn @ 0 °

6:40 am PST/ 9:40 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 6 °

3:49 pm PST/ 6:49 pm EST

Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune @ 25 ° (square Gemini Mars)

4:16 pm PST/ 7:16 pm EST

A beautiful fire trine between Sagittarius Moon and Aries Venus moves us into inspired and courageous connection. We are getting in touch with our values, and what internally we want to grow into and expand. Aries Venus propels us to what is important and what is connects us to this internal growth.

As Moon moves into Capricorn it sextiles Pisces Saturn at 0°. Emotionally and internally, we feel a basis to go through our emotional growth. Saturn rules this Moon, and this Saturn is making us contend with the boundaries needed to do this growth. How are you learning to regulate yourself through all these changes. How are you able to ground yourself and do the work needed to provide safety while you swim in this ocean? Pisces is infinite and Saturn is limited by time. Capricorn is strategic and structured, and Moon is moody and linked to our bloodline. How has your family of origin given you a sense of how to be “you?” Was it painful to learn this? Pisces Saturn shows us that there was a point to all of this, and you are on the path. Emotionally, no matter what is stirring up– you feel your strength.

Capricorn Moon trines Taurus North Node. What have you been working towards lately, in your corporeal life? How are you emotionally connecting to this work, and how are you grounding yourself so that you can enter into your future? Can you see your success in “being here now?” With so much Piscean energy, this earthy energy is helping us remember how to be ourselves.

Pisces is doing its work on us. Neptune in Pisces is now fully aligned with Sun. Mercury is sitting pretty close to both, so there is so much psychic energy flowing, it’s a good time to meditate, and work with medicine. This is a spiritual moment. You are coming into the big truth, and you may have no idea what that means. Can you explore how you feel this in your body? There will be a tendency to escape this confusion, but what is your body telling you? Is there an opportunity to have compassion for someone you have been challenged by? Is there an opportunity to have compassion for yourself?

Thursday March 16th

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 14 °

6:00 am PST/ 9:00 am EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Jupiter @ 15 °

7:17 am PST/ 10:17 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 16 °

8:21 am PST/ 11:21 am EST

Triple conjunction: Pisces Sun, Mercury, Neptune 25-26 ° square Mars

8:27 am PST-/ 11:27 am EST - March 19th 8:58 am PST/ March 19 11:58 am EST

Aries Venus square Capricorn Pluto @ 29 °

12:55 pm PST/ 3:55 EST

Venus enters Taurus

3:34 pm PST/ 6:34 pm EST until April 10th at 9:47 pm

Capricorn Moon sextile triple Pisces conjunction @25 °

11:25 pm PST/ March 17th 2:25 am EST - March 17th 1:38 am PST/ 4:38 am EST

As Aries Chiron and Jupiter start to separate, Capricorn Moon makes Cardinal squares to both. What are you beginning to build as a healer? Remember that everyone is a healer in some way. You don’t need a certificate in anything to be a healer, and often it’s the little conversations, the emotional safety that you can provide, that is the most powerful. Your wound was once a source of pain, but now it is a source of power, in the most practical sense. You are embarking on this journey, and this Moon is helping you regulate yourself as you learn to help and heal.

Capricorn Moon trines Taurus Uranus. Is there a new way that you are working with change? Change, when embraced, actually points us to new possibilities and new a new way of working with security. Can you be secure with the changes that are happening? Have you noticed yourself rolling with the surprises that come forth?

Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, and squaring Gemini Mars. You are getting the divine message. Are you spiritually allowing the messages to come through? Are you connecting to your body and allowing your body to tell you what you need to know? This won’t be easy to decode, but you will be thinking about it, and likely acting on it, even if none of it is clear? This is powerful Pisces energy that can be harnessed for art, spirituality, and moving through loss. Gemini Mars wants us to be curious and active in this healing. It wants us to communicate with others. Mercury is this Mars’ ruler and will help us know things that can move us through this energy. If you are having an emotional or existential crisis know that this was part of the story for us all. We are integrating all this healing work we’ve done, and all the loss we are experiencing because we need to get our house in order.

This Pisces energy is porous and open. Can you draw energetic boundaries? Can you ensure that you are in control of who and what wants to come into your world? You are vulnerable, energetically at this time. It’s important to dilate but keep your wits about you.

Aries Venus squares Capricorn Pluto at the last degree of these two cardinal signs. What has transformed your values? What is your relationship to power? What needs to be blown up a little bit, in order for you to move into more stable ground? Have you faced your vulnerabilities with others while maintaining a sense of autonomy? Do you know who you are when you are with other people and can you carry that spark with you? This is important because Venus is moving into Taurus.

Venus loves being in Taurus, and does her magic well here. She is receptive, abundant, and comfortable, and we could all use a dose of that with all that is falling away around us. She remains here until April 10th, and will help us sustain our values through these changes around us. Where is the abundance coming from these days? Where is money flowing better, what relationships are sustaining you? Is there a way for you to connect physically to this powerful Venus? While we experience loss and grief, what is stable, easy, and connected? Focus on that.

Capricorn Moon lends a helping hand in a sextile to the Pisces conjunction to ground us through the tears and confusion. It doesn’t want us to be deluded or confused, rather it wants us to harness this energy to sustain us. How are you able to work through the darkness of not knowing? How are you able to be practical and fair, when so much is at stake. Capricorn Moon can handle endings and guide us through the Piscean sea.

Friday March 17th

Triple conjunction square Gemini Mars continues

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 29 °

5:35 am PST/ 8:35 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Venus @ 0 °

8:49 am PST/ 11:49 am EST

Pisces Saturn sextile Taurus Venus @ 1 degree

3:26 pm PST- 6:26 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus North Node @ 6 degree

5:32 pm PST/ 8:32 pm EST

The powerful Pisces triple conjunction mutable square Gemini Mars conditions continue. How are you able to communicate with others right now? What are you learning about others from going inside of yourself? The Mars energy wants to speak and understand all sides. It wants to gather information and come to some equilibrium with the duality and contrasts you are presented with. Inside your ego and thought processes are getting massive downloads from the universal womb. Confusing, mystical, spiritual, emotional stuff is happening. The issues are in your tissues. Can you do some yoga or ecstatic dance? The key is to get out of your head (even though Gemini and Mercury are involved) in order to find out what’s really going on. Meditation or a silent walk practice (no earphones/ podcasts/ music) are an excellent way to practice this. Tears may flow. Let them.

Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto at this last, urgent degree. How do you feel about the systems holding you in place? Are you ready to let them go? Who are you blaming for how they were created. Are you mad at a generation? Your ancestors? The government? Who? However triggered by the massive overhaul needed for earth and humanity, justice, and honestly: survival, the fact is: we’re going to need you to rebuild. Your anger is likely justified in what has happened here, but we need your innovation, energy, and focus. Pisces is helping us say goodbye, and helping us lose our righteousness to allow us to wrap up our Capricornian attachments to systems. Moon’s there to let us know it feels personal, to each and every one of us.

Aquarius Moon squares Taurus Venus. Cold Moon wants space, Taurus Venus wants to connect. This is a fixed square, so this is sustaining energy, causing friction that may feel like it wants to move but can’t. Are you on your phone too much? Are you addicted to social media? Are you trying to find connection from those that are unavailable to you? Is this your pattern from coldness in you upbringing? Conversely, do you feel overwhelmed and pinned down in a relationship, job, or dynamic and you need to break free of it?

Pisces Saturn lends some beneficial energy by way of a sextile to Taurus Venus. Saturn makes us work at it, and Pisces is playing with the ripples of the infinite. You can’t really get away without doing your work in real time, and your work is YOU. So doing this work on yourself, however you define it, is helping you connect and helping you receive what you value. You can be more of yourself outwardly if you do your work inwardly.

Finally Aquarius Moon makes a fixed square to the North Node in Taurus, and the South Node in Scorpio. Aquarius Moon will agitate us a bit and challenge us to integrate our past karma with our future. You probably know what to do and feel what to do, and there’s something new, different, and perhaps revolutionary about the way your are going to do it. It’s time to rebel a little bit, or reinvent the wheel. It might feel awkward, or jarring to engage in this, but this is growing you forward.

Saturday March 18th

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 16 °

9:51 am PST/ 12:51 pm EST

Pisces Mercury Sextile Capricorn Pluto @ 29 °

8:24 pm PST/ 11:24 pm EST

Mercury enters Aries

9:25 pm PST/ March 19th 12: 25 am EST

We open the day with a fixed square with Moon and Uranus. Aquarius and Taurus

Uranus have had ongoing square energy through 2021 and into 2022, only that was Uranus and Saturn. You were contending through some tension, lessons, and surprises in the houses that carry Aquarius and Taurus. They likely changed your life.

This much quicker and smaller fixed square may carry flavors or aftershocks of that period, but felt in your emotional body. What surprises and unexpected changes have happened to you, or have you recognized in yourself? Did the game change in some way? How are you different, or how do you think differently now?

I’m currently interested in these Plutonic sextiles, because they are at 29 °. Pisces Mercury is intuitive and tapping into the large field of the collective consciousness. There is grief there, but also imagination, dreams, and a vast ocean of feeling to tap into. Capricorn Pluto is finishing up its wreckage and transformation of the way that we view systems and structures. These two are at the end of something, but are already clearing the way for something new. They are working together to say: you already have one foot in the future. What are you dreaming of, hoping for? What are you feeling in the air, the winds of change are upon you? How are you changing with society, within society, and how are you linked to everyone else while doing it?

And then, like that, Mercury is in Aries. Mercury in Aries is quick thinking, perhaps to a fault, but often the mind moves so quickly and processes so much; without judgment, that you become a little computer processor. Remember, your mind may be quick, inspired, ready for action, but your mouth should stall itself when communicating with others. There is potential for arguments, misunderstandings, and foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Your impatience to have someone understand what you are saying could translate to forcefulness, or just create a total misunderstanding. I can say this all because I have a natal Aries Mercury. I find myself constantly being misunderstood because my mind and mouth can’t keep up with each other. Remember Aries is ruled by Mars. The push of energy you feel cognitively, will naturally be met with resistance, if you aren’t artful about how you share it. Lovely that Venus is Taurus right now to slow you down a bit.

Another tidbit for Mercury in Aries is that: just because you want to communicate it, doesn’t mean that you should. The purity of Mercury in Aries is lovely, but keep your discernment about what you are saying and who you are saying it to. Are you being helpful? Are you being kind? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes before saying it. Your mind already did a triple salchow in your mind, but the other person is innocently minding their own business. Keep the peace with this energy, and make sure you’re listening, and you’re golden.

Sunday March 19th

Aquarius Moon trine Gemini Mars @ 27 °

3:33 am PST/ 6:33 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 1 degrees

10:26 am PST/ 1:26 pm EST

Feelings and movement are working together today in this lovely Air trine. There is potential for important and moving conversations, understanding of sides, and overall high level achievement. If you have a presentation today, you might just crush it. If you have a hard conversation to have, you’ll do fabulous. Tap into your highest self, and seek to understand with curiosity. Don’t hold back on the conversation, this is helpful energy.

Pisces Moon conjuncts Saturn suggests you might need some alone time today, or a sacred moment to contend with your feelings. You might need boundaries from someone who brings out emotions in you. If you are the person that everyone brings their emotions to: it might be time to get yourself to a bathtub, pool, or sauna– whatever watery place is accessible. You are feeling it all today, but really you are processing your own stuff, and sometimes that can only be done on your own.

Pisces is a time when endings, little deaths, and literal ones hit us. Have you allowed yourself time to grieve? Have you allowed yourself the tears that want to fall, or the time to just go through it? We all like to cover up our grief with work and other people’s needs, and a million other things. Can you give yourself a moment to feel? It won’t be like this forever, new things are coming.

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