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Weekly Transits for March 20th-March 26th 2023

Monday March 20th

Pisces Sun sextile Capricorn Pluto @ 29°

1:12 pm PST/ 4:12 pm EST

Sun moves into Aries

2:24 pm PST/ 5:24 pm EST

What a day! This Monday we will go through an ending and beginning. This isn’t a rare occurrence, per se. All endings beget beginnings, but what we are ending today is something big and monumental. This Pisces season has been a WHOLE THING. We have been in the sacred unknowing and the depths of the ocean for a while now. Neptune (Pisces’ modern ruler) has been in Pisces since 2011/ 2012. Jupiter (ancient ruler of Pisces) was in the fishes from 2021-2022. Saturn entered Pisces on March 7th, to usher in a whole new way of exploring boundaries, mastery, and reality. We have been in the emotional soup for weeks with more personal planets doing their turn through this sign of endings, dreams, wrapping up, and liminal states. Dreams have been potent, many of us have not been able to sleep, and amid all this, we’ve had a Chiron/ Jupiter conjunction to contend with– teaching us who we are as healers, or who we could be if only we heal.

Pisces Sun, today, makes a beneficial sextile to Capricorn Pluto. These two are in the last degrees of their respective signs, about to make a whole lot of personal and transpersonal change on the planet. Sun in Pisces is really about making an ending of some sort. The zodiacal wheel is about to reset. Pluto has been in Capricorn for roughly 16 years, since 2008. Society has transformed from this point into something that is terrifying and hopeful, inspiring and dystopian, all through this time.

We are having a moment today between who we were, or knew ourselves to be in the world. Change must come, there is no stopping it. You also can feel the change. None of this is news to you. You can feel it all happening. It might feel jarring, feel fated, it might actually feel long overdue. You are part of the mechanism of change. There is a loss– always– when this happens.

But now we’re in Aries season. There is a divine breath of energy, a spark that everyone can feel as this transition takes place. Whatever loss was necessary, there is a birth too. It is time to move forward, jump forward. It is time to stand in your power. It is time to be fearless about what’s next.

Incredible faith is needed to do this. Baby birds literally jump out of the nest to learn to fly. Mothers crack open their pelvis to deliver new life. The world is a miracle and so are you. Every moment of sunshine on your face, every blade of grass that feeds a bunny rabbit, cow, or goat, the earth is talking to us all and wants us to have divine faith. You made it through a lot of tumultuous, painful and uncertain times to get here. Sit in your courage for a moment– this has not been easy.

Tuesday March 21st

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 25°

1:19 am PST/ 4:19 am EST

Pisces Moon square Gemini Mars @ 28°

5:53 am PST/ 8:53 am EST

New Moon in Aries @ 0°49

10:22 am PST/ 1:22 pm EST

Taurus Venus conjunct North Node @ 5°

2:37 pm PST/ 5:37 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Mercury @ 5°

6:32 pm PST / 9:32 pm EST

We have a stellium in Aries today, but Moon is in Pisces at day’s open. In fact, confusion is ripe with Moon conjunct Neptune. Nothing is clear or certain, especially when it comes to our emotions, so now is not the time to make big bets or threats. If you experiment with medicine journeys or want to consult the planets for a big spiritual question, this conjunction might be the time to light the incense and speak the prayer. What do you need right now?

We’re hitting another monthly ending as Moon finishes up this tour in Pisces, but first it squares Gemini Mars. Emotions and action can come into tension. Pisces Moon feels it all, Gemini Mars might not know how to direct that energy in a productive way. Gemini may want to be fair and understanding, but may not have the emotional intelligence to wrap this up well. It may be more concerned with abstract facts and information than the deep underbelly of emotions that we sit in. If you find yourself in a heated conversation, what about taking a walk?

The first new moon of the year occurs in Aries, at 0 degrees. This is a personal rebirth. You are firing on all cylinders, and waking up from your deep Piscean sleep. Something is born in this new Moon, and your thought processes, social beliefs, and healing qualities are part of a grand stellium through Aries all working to bring you into focus. Who are you becoming? What is growing out of you? What fires are in your belly? What do you want?

At the same time, Venus: super powered in Taurus is conjunct the North Node. Venus’s connective and receptiveness is like glue tethering us to our future karma. We are connecting in to the higher vibration of what we value and want, and how it will sustain thorough our movement into this new “self” we are becoming. The fact that this conjunction happens at almost the same time as the new Moon is no joke. This is supportive energy to help us become this new baby bird. We look wide eyed and bushy tailed, a bit wet from sliding out of the amniotic fluid we’ve been in, but this is all part of a divine plan of which we have no idea.

Moon in Aries is giving us the big emotional connection to what’s going on. We are sensitive and childlike, and ready to cry out if we don’t get our way. We are emotional, and our with the conjunction to Aries Mercury, we are quickly learning a lot about our new self. Be careful that your kneejerk reactions (aka tantrum-like emotional qualities) don’t get spoken out of turn. Just because you’re feeling it, does not mean it needs to be communicated right away. Your temper may be justified, but use the earthly influence of Venus in Taurus to connect properly, and consider others. You’ll get further this way.

How have you found yourself with a beginner’s mind? Where does Aries rule in your chart– are you noticing something fresh and new happening here? Does that make you feel vulnerable? Are you ready to move forward with something?

Looking at your emotional state and your mind, what’s happening for you right now?

Wednesday March 22nd

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 15°

10:04 am PST/ 1:04 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 16°

1:15 pm PST/ 4:14 pm EST

It’s time to revisit our Chiron/ Jupiter conjunction that we’ve been working with for the last few weeks. Aries Moon conjuncts both while we contend with a lot of Aries energy all round. Aries energy is quick and a bit pushy, courageous and a bit obtuse, childlike yet a bit immature. As an Aries stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, South Node) I am all too familiar with this energy. It’s carried me far, and yet gotten me into all kinds of trouble. How are you feeling it and how is this cardinal theme ushering a new cycle for you? What are you starting?

In the last few weeks, with the conjunction of Chiron and Jupiter, we have explored how we can heal a lot of that inner Aries child, and how we can be a productive part of society through that healing. Moon says that we feel it all, and it’s coming through our bloodline. Now Sun, Moon, Mercury have joined us in Aries.

How does this come into play for you today? How are you able to feel your place in society by helping people process their pain? What flavor of pain are you adept at working with, and can you see your contribution to others?

How has your pure, childlike wonder and worldview made you more powerful in doing this? Are you just following an impulse without thinking about it at all? Moon says you will feel this, and Chiron says it will hurt. Jupiter says you are more than you think you are, and that the power of your belief system will propel you in this work. This work might be as humble as a phone call with a friend. It might be time with your animal friends, who also are some of the greatest healers out there. This might require you to take time alone, or process some tough stuff. Whatever you do, take the message this day gives you. You’ll need it for tomorrow.

Thursday March 23rd

Pluto Moves into Aquarius

5:14 am PST/ 8:14 am EST

Aries Moon sextile Gemini Mars @ 29°

10:12 am PST/ 1:12 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct North Node @ 5°

9:56 pm PST/ March 24th 12:56 am EST

So today is one of the biggest deals this year. Pluto– the sign of generations, destruction, power, vulnerability, control, manipulation, transformation, and everything taboo moves into a Aquarius for the first time in centuries. We have transformed into a different ideal and flavor of Pluto, a planet that propels us forward in its own time. Pluto obliterates things to initiate change. We have grown used to its reign in Capricorn over the last 16 years.

Fixed air brings us AI, technology, intellectual and brain computational processing and cloud based solutions. Whatever is in the field is what’s happening. Aquarius has always been associated with aliens and alienation. But it is also the sign of humanity. How will we harness the different flavors of intelligence that exist now and are growing at rapid rates? Are we ready to become button pushers for the rest of our lives? Are we done with humanity? Can humanity flourish where robots do it better?

Humanity is going to be reformed and revolutionized. None of us are sure how that’s going to feel or go, but there’s nothing stopping this very potent, macro- energy. It’s based in ideals and theories, finalities and probabilities; but not in the bodily and emotional reality? How will we move through this? The next few months will give us a flavor of what’s in store before Pluto dips back into Capricorn. There are many things to be hopeful about, and many things in store for us in this brave new world.

Today Gemini Mars and Aries Moon do a little sextile at 29° Mars is the ruler of this Moon, so something beneficial and emergent will be happening emotionally with our need to act. We have to do something about something, and you have a strong relationship with Gemini Mars since it’s been with you since mid-October. What house does Gemini rule for you? What needs to be finished up? Aries Moon is likely trying to help with this, and Aries Moon is a quick study, it’s big emotional, childlike wonder. Aries Moon can easily make a friend or fire off a tantrum in minutes. What emotional impulse is driving your need to act?

Moon completes her tour of Aries to come sit on the North Node in Taurus. There is something calm, sustaining and peaceful here. It may be a bit uncomfortable, as she is blessing the North Node at the same time opposing the South Node. But Moon loves to be in Taurus, she is emotionally safe there, and comfortable, even if the North Node is not.

What feels fated today? Can you write it down for a later date?

Friday March 24th

Taurus Moon conjunct Venus @ 9°

3:30 am PST/ 9:30 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 16°

4:50 pm PST/ 7:50 pm EST

Our sensual Taurus Moon knows how to receive, go slowly, and set up a nice container. Emotionally she knows how to make safety, security. Amidst all this change, and all this financial turmoil, it’s nice to know there is energy that is looking out for us. Moon conjuncts Venus, her ruler in this sign. There is something stable and strong, very practical and reality based about this moment.

What house does Taurus rule in your chart? Likely this house has had a lot of focus, for a while. It may be linked to your finances in some way, or your sense of abundance, but there’s more to it. Uranus has been revolutionizing it for some few years now, and there have been some record-scratch moments. Right now Taurus Moon works our emotional cycles by working them with our sense of connection with Venus. We are in cahoots with what we love, what we value, what we appreciate and what we receive. Does that mean that this ride is pleasant and fun? Of course not. But it does mean that we are incredibly rooted in what matters. We are able to discern, receive, recognize, work hard on our most treasured people, places and things.

When Moon conjuncts Uranus a bit later, it may beget an unexpected twist, or realization, there may be a message that changes the game or informs us about what’s next. Emotionally you may be dealing with your relationship with comfort, luxury, or security. Taurus makes us contend with our own survival, and Taurus Moon puts us deeply in touch with that on behalf of our bloodline. Can you create comfort where fear lives? Is it your fear, or was it planted in you, centuries ago, as a mechanism of survival through your DNA? Perhaps your fears are completely justified, but are not serving you in the greater moments of your life? Perhaps they are serving you as to know what to do next. How do we contend with all of that when going about our day in this little life of ours?

The answer lies in presence. Are you present to what is here now, at this moment. Whatever change is present, can you be in your body right now?

Saturday March 25th

Mars enters Cancer

4:45 am PST/ 7:45 am EST

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 0°

5:45 pm PST/ 8:45 pm EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 2°

9:36 pm PST/ March 26th 12:36 am EST

After a 6 month tour of Gemini, Mars enters Cancer. What a change this will be! After a tour of dealing with abstract dualism, communication and thought process, Mars is ready to go full mama bear! Mars is in its fall in Cancer, meaning it’s not the best at expressing itself here, but that also means we’re going to be dealing with some emotions. Cancer is protective, and with Mars here, we’ll see some serious protective outbursts.

Above all, Cancer is creative. This is a time to conceive babies. They might be actual human babies, or creative babies, but Mars will burst some energy through these gestative waters. Projects will be started with gusto, perhaps with not the usual careful and intentional planning. Refresh your paints and art supplies.

Hurts and angers that have been housed in the crab shell might come to light. If they do, perhaps they will come to light accidentally. Cancer isn’t direct, but Mars is. Cancer likes to store and save, Mars might break through. This is disharmonious at worst, but necessary. Cancer needs to let go of these hurts that have been stored up, and Mars has arrived to help her. It might not be pretty.

Cancer rules mother and motherhood, keep in mind your mama drama if you have any. It’s coming for you, and whomever she/ they is/are: this person is in your bloodline, and the opportunity to heal is yours.

I find it fascinating that Mars moves into Cancer the same day that Cancer’s ruler, Moon, moves into Gemini. Moon trines our newly minted Aquarian Pluto, to give us some air sign perspective. Whatever is moving and changing, we have a way to mentally internalize this and start the long road of understanding our role in this very big world change. Internally, are you feeling a new confidence in your role on the planet?

Sunday March 26th

Aries Mercury conjunct Chiron @ 15°

11:55 am PST/ 2:55 pm EST

We end the week with a Mercury/ Chiron conjunction in Aries. Aries is loaded right now with some big players. There is pep in your step, and impetus to get going. You might be in a hurry to get somewhere, but where? Mercury conjunct Chiron might give you a clue. How are you thinking differently about yourself these days? Are you seeing the alchemy of these big hurts and how they are now ways that you find yourself showing up for people? How are you communicating and moving through your new identity? Where does this new self fit into the broader picture of what’s happening on the world stage?

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