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Weekly transits for May 15-21 2023

Monday May 15

Cancer Mars trine Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

7:20 am PST/ 10: 20 pm EST

Aries Moon square Cancer Venus @ 9 degrees

4:41 pm PST/ 7:41 pm EST

Week opens up with a beneficial water trine. Mars is wrapping up its work in Cancer, having us investigate our aggression, anger, and action; how we can safely store it or let it go, and how we can create a safe container for everyone through action, movement, and protection. We might have made some creative babies, and we may have found some emotions spilling over. With this trine with Pisces Neptune we are likely seeing the bigger picture with this. Perhaps we find ourselves nurturing someone or bringing compassion into the mix. Perhaps we have a spiritual breakthrough where we understand the macro implications of our actions. Perhaps we simply get divine inspiration or knowledge that is confusing.

Aries Moon squares Cancer Venus, making a steamy moment. Your cup may runneth over. Aries Moon is emotionally quick, impatient, and self concerned, whereas Cancer Venus cares for, protects, and nurtures others. You may find yourself at odds with your own emergent feelings and the need to take care of others and what that brings you into. Both are equally important. Are your big feelings clouding how you deal with others? Are you overcome with emotions that cannot be ignored? Or are you noticing that care and protection must be created above all else and that means that your personal feelings must be set aside? Either way we are always balancing these needs and it’s not always elegant when they emerge. Can you find a middle path? Or can you exercise the muscle you are least practiced with?

Tuesday May 16

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 18 degrees

8:28 am PST/ 11:28 am EST

Jupiter enters Taurus

10:20 am PST/ 1:20pm EST

Ouch. Moon conjuncts Chiron in Aries. Personally there may be something to deal with in terms of our identity, our wounding, and our ability to heal. Moon will make us feel this in the body, and wounds are always sensitive touch points whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Sometimes things just hurt. Sometimes the only thing to do is let them hurt, and that is the pathway out. Aries Chiron is really bringing us to something during its tour– do you have any idea what Chiron has in mind for you? Who have you been able to help-- simply because of who you are and where your scarring resides?

And then Jupiter enters Taurus for the first time in 12 years. This is a hotly anticipated tour, Taurus is the sign that deals with what we value and our wealth. But it is so much more than that. Taurus is the principle that knows how to receive. It is the principle that will do the work needed, but will also stop and smell the roses. Taurus loves luxury but it also loves a secure plan for the furture. Taurus asks us why we make things so hard on ourselves. Taurus Jupiter will have us expanding our beliefs about ourselves in ourTaurus-ruled house. We will have to grow, and we will have to expand. Remember Taurus is slow and steady, and doesn’t like to move quickly. It’s earthy and practical. Jupiter has its work cut out for it here in this densely fixed sign. But luckily Uranus is also mixing things up in there, to shake up the snow globe.

How can you accept change even when it seems drastic or difficult to endure? How can you say yes to an expanded version of you? When we think of wealth-- we often think of money. But how are you already abundant in other ways (for example friendships, children, life balance, etc.?) What is really working in your life? Sometimes we take our wealth for granted because it came a bit too easily. Taking stock is a wonderful place to begin your Jupiter in Taurus journey.

Wednesday May 17

Aries Moon square Cancer Mars (mutual reception) 28 degrees

2:09 am PST/ 5:09 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter and squaring Aquarius Pluto (not exact)

5:47 am PST/ 8:47 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct North Node @ 2 degrees

10:43 am PST/ 1:43 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury and sextile (not exact) Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

4:26 pm PST/ 7:26 pm EST

Taurus Jupiter square Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

6:26pm PST/ 9:26 pm EST

Lots going on today! We start out with a mutual reception square between Aries Moon and Cancer Mars. Cancer Mars is still working on protecting the flock with it’s womb and waters, and through its action or non action. Cancer Mars isn’t about to express itself if it doesn't feel safe. Aries Moon feels and has a hard time holding anything in for long. Aries Moon has big feelings and reactions that come up like a flamethrower at Burning Man. How helpful it is that Cancer Mars can steward these feelings, and store them where they need to go. How helpful it is that Aries Moon can move the feelings out if they must go. Aries is bold, and Cancer is protective. Moon is felt in the body, and Mars is energy moving through the body. How does it feel to move through this? Can you see the balance, however inelegant?

Moon moves in Taurus and quickly conjuncts Jupiter while squaring Pluto. This is significant– this is new, zero degree energy, and it’s fixed. Moon loves the sensuality of Taurus and blesses the growth and expansion that is revealing itself in Jupiter. Moon is the personal principal of this energy, and Jupiter the social principle of how you will be working with this energy in life. Pluto is the transpersonal principal principal placing us smack dab in the middle of humanity’s story, and in Aquarius. This is new energy for all of us, and we are being forced to contend with a lot of changes. So it’s important to ask yourself which houses these two rule for you and to consider how you might grow within these areas. You are familiar with these houses because we’ve been worked by a Saturn in Aquarius/ Uranus in Taurus square the last few years. Jupiter and Pluto present a different vibe. What new things are starting to emerge?

Taurus North Node might hold a key as Moon conjuncts it. Taurus North Node is all about where you are heading– another highlighting of the Taurus part of your chart as the nodal axis has also been touring it. South Node has been in Scorpio asking us to clean out what does not serve. Moon will highlight the physical cycles and actual embodied experience of the North Node’s impulse. Moon might make us feel awkward or ill prepared for the trip we are embarking on, but trust it anyway.

As if to reinforce these changes, Moon conjuncts Mercury so that our bodies and minds are sympatico. Our overall understanding that we’ve been working on for a while, is in sync and we communicate intentionally, we think with reason, measure and practicality, and our bodies will demand their due with food and rest. Many of us do not indulge in the Taurean style of health; which promotes rest and nourishing snacks. This is not the norm – everyone is trying to do more, hack and biohack their bodies, get by with less rest, and eliminate all kinds of things from their personal menus. While it's great to listen to what your body needs and wants, and reacts well to, perhaps today you might consider a more gentle approach to health. Use the sacred cow as your inspiration as it slowly chews it’s grass, quietly, and intentionally in the field, before catching some sleep under a shady tree. Sometimes rest is the best medicine.

And the sextile to Pisces Saturn also says there is more to this than you think. Saturn wants us to really understand and work towards something. In this case Saturn wants us to consider the whole. There’s no biohacking this. If you aren’t in service of humanity, then what are you in service of? Your "why" is becoming increasingly important in all of this.

Taurus Jupiter finally makes that exact square to Pluto. Transformation is on the menu, though newly so. And growth. What is this transformation and growth anyway? These are two fixed signs, looking to sustain you with change oriented planets. Chances are, you have been working on this project for a while. Since 0 degrees is very pure energy, you might have a clue about what’s being asked of you. What have you been slowly changing about your life- since way back in 2021? Can you see a theme here? What changes feel like they are taking forever?

Thursday May 18

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 19 degrees

4:27 pm PST/ 7:27 pm EST

Taurus Mercury sextile Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

11:16 pm PST/ May 19th 2:16 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus will likely give us some sort of epiphany, idea, or incident that will introduce change into the mix. Whatever it is– it is likely an important power move or realization. Uranus (however slowly in Taurus) is trying to get us to a place– collectively-- where humanity moves forward. It wants to change us– but only on its own terms– and never with a clear and transparent directive. We are divine creatures, but divinity has its own plan, and we mere mortals are only “players” on the world stage. If you come up with some new idea or experience something seemingly random– try and understand it in a larger context and also what is being asked of you. Understand also that Taurus as a fixed sign isn’t always excited about change.

You may be guided to speak or teach something. Taurus Mercury sextile Saturn in Pisces keeps us attached to the work we must do, the essential work, when all is said and done. Saturn and Pisces have little in common, except that they both represent a kind of ending. Saturn is the boundary where things end, Pisces is the lack of boundary where there is no thing and only one-ness. Both are working to keep us in a fluid state, and both are working to help us identify what our work actually is. Chances are there’s been some twists and turns on this subject in the past years.

Taurus Mercury is helping us with this Saturn Pisces business. Now moving forward– it wants to help us see, understand, and communicate in the direction of our work. We are trying to master something– but what is it?

Friday May 19

New Moon in Taurus @ 28 degrees

8:53 am PST/ 11:53 am EST

Gemini Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

12:19 pm PST/ 3:19 pm EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

11:58 pm PST/ May 20th 2:58 am EST

There is no more fertile soil to plant a seed than in Taurus. Taurus is rich with nutrients, dense soil. New Moons are the seeds of intention, so this new moon has a lot of oomph behind it. What are you hoping to receive through Taurus season and beyond? What have you learned already about what you value, what you are working toward, and what is needed to orient you inthe direction you are drawn in? What house does Taurus rule in your chart? This is definitely where you have been asked to focus.

Some of us are scared to hope for things. Or to go in any direction. Some of us are scared to really want something, or to really value it. Taurus teaches us a lot about security and insecurity. About comfort and discomfort. Sometimes to get what we actually want– we have to get uncomfortable. That’s a big Taurus lesson. Taurus values hard work leading to a reward. But what if you don’t know if the reward will come?What if you don’t know how to receive the blessings already in front of you, because receiving takes trust? Trust is not easy for those of us with trauma. Can you really dig deep into your intentions and find some trust in yourself and your own intentions? If you can, this is a powerful way to work with this New Moon.

Gemini Moon now is in trine with Aquarius Pluto. The great transformer gets some boost from smart, savvy Gemini Moon– there’s anxious energy here because Gemini bounces off the walls with curiosity and overwhelming information. Aquarius Pluto gives that fixed quality a steadiness that helps us in our intellectual and communication pursuits. How can you tranform the way you think? What part of this mind game requires some deep breaths and focus? How can you take the anxiety down for yourself and observe the thoughts coming through you?

Now a mutable square between Gemini Moon and Pisces Saturn. This square is asking for change. Gemini Moon gets powerful downloads from the divine. Pisces Saturn represents the divine hand– guiding us to the mastery we are all on earth to do over time. Pisces Saturn is slow and vast, Gemini Moon is quick like a rabbit, full of energy, and linked to our bodies, our cycles, and our bloodline. Gemini Moon doesn’t have time to understand the entire undercurrent of what’s happening --so grounding is key. Pisces is tapped into the emotional and psychic field, and Saturn isn’t giving out easy answers– so together these two energies might feel unsettling, contrary, or even quite emotional. So grounding, compassion for yourself and others, and being willing to change your plans, your schedule, your immediate circumstances, and your physical position could all help you. Never forget the power of the humble details (going for a walk, hugging someone you love) for adding spiritual power and mastery to your experience.

Change is upon you. What is one of your habitual responses that you could do differently?

Saturday May 20

Mars moves into Leo (creating a fixed T square with Taurus Jupiter at apex, opposite Pluto in Aquarius– all at 0 degrees)

8:32 am PST/ 11:32 am EST

Leo Mars opposite Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

7:45 pm PST/ 10:45 pm EST

I’m not going to lie, this fixed T-square is no joke. Taurus season is going out with a bang! Jupiter is at the apex, so its aim is to expand you deeper into the world that you are part of. It wants you to be valued and receive abundance based on your own expansion. But the pressure cooker out of Jupiter is Mars in Leo versus Aquarius Pluto. All of these at the very pure degree of 0. Aquarius Pluto is the great transformer that is concerned with humanity and our role in it. Mars in Leo is action– it’s personal, it’s heart centred, and it won’t be ignored. Leo is front and centre, and with fiery Mars in fiery fixed Leo, we could see some gauntlets thrown down. We could see some breaking points. Fixed energy in this T square is like a grinding of gears. The energy expressed will be pure and transformative, but fire and air can cause an explosion. The explosion will filter through fixed earth, so the result will be practical, likely will dislodge a place of discomfort, and likely will have you looking deeply into your values and beliefs.

All day we are going to feel this. The fixed air of Aquarius Pluto is making a point with Mars Leo. There is a part of you that must end to begin your life within the collective. There is a part of you that must act with leadership and heart to be this person you are becoming. You may find yourself needing to be seen, or heard.

This fixed energy will likely have you feeling stuck in a pattern you have never gotten out of. But the good news is that this fixed square is helping you move out of the pattern. There is something to see here about the way you are doing things. Can you take this lesson, sit with it, and recognize how it’s expanding you?

Sunday May 21

Sun enters Gemini

12:09 am PST/ 3:09 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

3:11 pm PST/ 6:11 pm EST

Welcome to Gemini season. Your spirit is ready for change, conversation, learning and feeling energy move quickly through you. Gemini is ephemeral curiosity and interest. It’s great with communication, reframing, and change. After such a feeling of stuck-ness and slowness, this energy might feel welcome, or it might feel overwhelming. With the sun here, your thoughts and communications will feel quicker and will come trippingly off the tongue.

What are you curious about? What are you ready to change about how you think or how you are communicating with others? What ideas do you want to spread?

Gemini Moon makes a mutable square with Pisces Neptune. This could feel like massive downloads, thoughts, or anxiousness, Pisces Neptune won’t make any of it feel clear or understandable. Pisces Neptune will get you into the collective field of emotions, and it may be difficult to understand what is going on. Gemini Moon is tapped into the nervous system, and your body might be shooting off ideas about how to sit with this energy. Meditation or journaling are two powerful tools to help you parse this out– but again, this is about change, and while our brain always wants to know where we are going to feel safe, it never truly knows what’s going to happen. Trust and faith are your friends as you move through this.

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