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Weekly transits for September 11th-17th

Monday September 11th

Leo Moon conjunct Venus @ 13 degrees

12:30 pm PST/ 3:30 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

4:53 pm PST/ 7:53 pm EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

11:51 pm PST/ September 12th 2:51 am

Your emotional spirit becomes one with your power of connection. You are able to lead, and take care of the pride. You’re hot stuff today, and likely on stage in some metaphorical way. Someone is seeing you, and you are seeing them. Something valuable takes place, and some piece of this is thanks to your Venus retrograde lessons. Perhaps you are more confident, more aware of your habits, or more aware of what you actually care about. Any way it happens, your emotional body will feel this.

After such a beautiful conjunction, we get a fixed square with Moon and Jupiter. Leo Moon is dug in about what is needed to be seen, and how you want to be seen. Leo Moon has big emotions to express and Taurus Jupiter is going to challenge this with hard work, belief systems, and potentially, body issues. Can you take up space and are you scared to? What do you believe about your relationship with what nourishes you, and do you need it to be able to lead, or feel confident in the spotlight? What needs to change to make this more comfortable for you?

Moon now trines Chiron, to help us understand our healing. This has been a bit of a story with Moon, who is trying to lead with heart and is first supported by values and connection and then challenged by belief system. Now Moon is boosted by her own wounding, because she has traveled so far and so fast around the zodiac. Moon may be at home in Cancer, but she spends time in every sign every month. She is, if nothing else, worldly. She ties us to our life on earth. And every wound that ever was is a lesson she is there to help us with. Chiron wants nothing more than to transmute the wound. What did Leo Moon teach you today?

Tuesday September 12th

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

8:05 am PST/ 11:05 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries North Node @ 25 degrees

12:51 pm PST/ 3:51 pm EST

We open the day with a fixed square between our emotional body and the divine surprise. Leo Moon is bold and heart led, and Taurus Uranus wants freedom– in the form of security. Taurus Uranus is bold in it’s unpredictability, and revolutionary spirit, but it’s concerned with earthly pursuits. Leo Moon is more personal, and may feel unnerved, or even scared by Uranus’ moves. This is a quick transit and likely won’t have you pointing a completely different direction, but it may have you a bit unhinged.

Fortunately with the trine to the North Node in Aries we might get some sort of vision of the future. South Node in Libra will sextile the Moon at the same time, so we are on some sort of booster seat at the table, able to access whatever is usually a bit more difficult to grasp. Again, this nodal axis is concerned with how you are in relationship with others, and wants you to see your role and your identity. What better than Leo Moon to assist in such an endeavor? Again, Leo Moon is looking at what’s in your heart. Today, at this moment, is that obvious to you?

Wednesday September 13th

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Saturn @ 2 degrees

3:14 am PST/ 7:14 am EST

Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury @ 8 degrees

3:02 pm PST/ 6:02 pm EST

This Moon in Virgo is much more reticent than its Leo predecessor, and Virgo Moon spends a lot of time trying to make sure everything is OK. This is why it notices your every move, every eye twitch, every potential disease you could have. With an opposition to Pisces Saturn we may have a relationship moment between a hypervigilance, trauma based reactions and the places in which we must be bigger. Pisces Saturn does not mess around. It tells us what we are doing in the great big sea, and that what we do matters. So we have some emotions versus real world stuff to work out, and this is interesting with an earth/ water based theme. Moon and Pisces are of the realm of water, Virgo and Saturn of earth. Together, they make something very strong, or something very dense. Much of what grows comes from this place, so have patience with this opposition.

Virgo Moon conjuncts Mercury to supercharge your sensitivity to the divine channel. Moon in Virgo is expert in the “word” and Mercury in Virgo is supercharged, even if still retrograde, it won’t be for much longer, it’s at the final degree here, and ready to express. Moon in Virgo is analytical, trauma based, and perfectionistic, but it’s also VERY sensitive, aware of what’s happening, and reads the room like nobody’s business. With a conjunction to Mercury, you can say or write something powerful, you can communicate like a boss, and you can touch divine knowledge. What needs to be said or written?

Thursday September 14th

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

5:25 am PST/ 8:25 am EST

New Moon in Virgo @ 21 degrees

6:39 pm PST/ 9:39 pm EST

Grand earth trine: New Moon in Virgo trine Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees, Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

8:38 pm PST/ 11:38 EST

A sacred day today, that begins with a beautiful earth trine between Moon and Jupiter. How is your emotional body practically working with your belief system and your sense of what’s possible? Are you analyzing something or noticing something coming easy, or working in your favor? Can you trust it? This might not be a monumental thing, like winning the lottery, but it might be a path opening up, or an emotional or belief system shift. Something practical happens without you having to work for it.

Later in the day (or night depending where you are) we have a New Moon in Virgo. What seed will be planted in this soil? What small changes or ideas are ready to be placed in the incubator?. We have an earth trine going on: an exact trine with Uranus ready to shake things up in stable Taurus, and Capricorn Pluto shifting our power structures, hierarchies, and destroying what needs to go. This trifecta is of a pragmatic and experiential nature. this isn’t conceptual or abstract, it’s a real tangible moment. Mercury, the ruler of this new moon, will go direct tomorrow. There is power and benefit to your manifestations here, because the trines operate with ease, and yet there is often nothing easy about Uranus or Pluto transits. This day is sacred in its newness but also in what we have left behind. What is ready to be birthed in your life? What are you ready to digest and dig into? How are you ready to serve?

This earth trine will continue on over time, helping us clarify and benefit from real life changes that are ushering us up to the fall equinox. A nice practice is to try to notice what is coming easy, because often we forget to notice everything that is working for us. And this long earth trine is really working for us. Often too, things happening for our benefit may be disguised as changes that scare us. It would be helpful to recognize this now as you move through beneficial astrology.

“That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly,” Thomas Paine

Friday September 15th

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

3:28 am PST/ 6:28 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Pluto Capricorn @ 28 degrees

6:48 am PST/ 9:48 am EST

Virgo Mercury stations direct @ 8 degrees

1:21 pm PST/ 4:21 pm EST

Virgo Sun trine Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

6:11 pm PST/ 9:11 pm EST

Moon opposes Neptune, asking us to deal with opposing views of the macro and micro, personal feelings versus universal compassion, what is real and what is an apparition. You may have a dream, but how will you practically get there? You may have awareness of everything that is wrong, but how can you see the perfection in imperfection? This might manifest in the form of a relationship issue, or it may just feel like an edge that needs a band aid.

Moon then makes the exact trine with Capricorn Pluto that it began yesterday before the new moon. Whatever must be shed, shifted or destroyed will be felt in the emotional body, and this is a benefit. Something needs to be released and this trine will open the floodgates, making it easier to let go.

After a long tour in Virgo, its ruler Mercury stations direct and we can all breathe easier as communications and thought patterns improve for the better. We are not out of the woods until Mercury gains its lost ground but things will get better from here on in, and the computer issues, transportation snafus, missed connections and misunderstandings will die down.

Sun makes an earth trine to Uranus giving us a surprise boon and beneficial push in an empirical direction. We are supported by our own sense of self and egoic focus as Taurus Uranus delivers a surprise or revolutionary moment. We are still in the trine with a little Moon mixed in, and with Pluto too. This new moon energy is carrying through today and giving us applied blessings.

What changes and manifestations are coming up in your life? Do they feel like easeful energy? What surprises are coming forth? Take note, this trine (between Sun, Uranus, and Pluto) continues for the rest of Virgo season.

Saturday September 16th

Libra Moon conjunct Mars @ 13 degrees

12:52 pm PST/ 3:52 pm EST

Leo Venus square Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

10:28 pm PST/ 1:28 pm EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

11:53 pm PST/ 2:53 pm EST

An interesting conjunction of Moon and Mars in deliberating and balanced Libra. Moon is not usually concerned with fairness or balance, but this Moon needs it to feel safe. Mars is not usually concerned with deliberation or negotiation, but this Mars will hold back for the greater good. Both these planets are concerned with preserving relationships in this position, and this is a powerful placement for those of us who are advocates, negotiators, those that serve others, and potentially, it could be really good for relationships. Remember: relationships are built on how you deal with difficulties, so keep that in mind when I say that.

Or did I speak too fast? This square between Venus and Jupiter goes exact today, but we’ve been feeling it ever since Venus went direct and Jupiter went retrograde. Today might be a culmination of that lesson, however it manifested for you, and whatever the fallout was. Perhaps the values discovered in August gave way to new beliefs and changes to your connections in September. That might have frustrated things in relationships, finances, or your sense of worth, and changes always give off a chain reaction, where things need to change in order to work properly. This is a fixed square, meaning that there is a dug-in quality to this energy, but it’s been going on for most of the month, and it’s there to help you revolutionize your ability to receive, choose, and value. What is coming to a head with this?

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron, and again relationships are highlighted in this astrology. Moon is emotional and based on our bodies; Chiron is deep identity wounding and healing at the same time, and based in our emotions, our bodies, and our psyches. So how will we reconcile this with another person? With ourselves? Whatever the edge you experience, know that it is supposed to be there, and it is your teacher. This day represents a big collection of relationship work that you’ve been doing for a while, and while this work never really ends, perhaps today it comes with more answers than questions.

Sunday September 17th

Libra Moon conjunct South Node/ opposite North Node in Aries @ 25 degrees

12:17 pm PST/ 3:17 pm EST

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

6:04 pm PST/ 9:04 pm EST

Snap! The relationship work continues today as we bring in the nodes to the conversation of our emotional body, our bloodline-self, and our past karmic self. Sometimes we like to rest on what is easy, and it might feel easiest to subdue yourself for the good of the relationship. To try and blend in to something instead of standing out. This lesson will demand that you figure out how you can escape your pattern, and the only way will be your individuality, identity, and taking personal responsibility. There are shadow ways to do this, and ways to do this in integrity. Try for the latter, always.

This process of trying to go towards your karmic destiny is hard work, it’s the struggle upon which we all agreed to come forth and expand our energy. It’s a beautiful, frustrating, transformative process, and Libra Moon just wants to keep the peace, keep it fair, and keep it balanced for your relationships. Capricorn Pluto has other plans, however. Capricorn Pluto has limited time to instill hierarchies, the climb, the rules, and systemic transformation into humanity. It’s difficult to have transformation without some serious instability and unevenness, so watch as your impulse to gain grounding gets dismantled. This is initiatory energy that wants to move you forward. Initiatory energy is uncomfortable and Moon will not enjoy this ride. But it might enjoy it more with a good soundtrack:

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage

Slide, slide, slippity-slide

I'm hittin' switches on the block in a '65

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage

Slide, slide, hoo ride

Ain't no valley low enough or mountain high

-Fantastic Voyage by Coolio

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