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Weekly transits for September 12th-18th, 2022 (referencing PST time zone)

Cheat Sheet

Monday September 12

Virgo Sun inconjunct Aquarian Saturn @ 19 degrees

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 15 degrees

Brief yod Virgo sun apex @ 20 degrees inconjunct Aries Moon @ 21 degrees and Saturn @ 19 degrees

Capricorn Pluto square Aries Moon @ 26 degrees

Wednesday September 14

Taurus Moon Conjunct NN @ 15 degrees

Taurus Moon Conjunct Uranus @ 18 degrees

Taurus Moon Square Aquarius Saturn @ 19 degrees

Thursday September 15

Gemini Mars square Virgo Venus @ 13 degrees

Friday September 16

Gemini Mars conjunct Gemini Moon square Virgo Venus @ 14 degrees

Saturday September 17

T square with Gemini Moon as apex, square Virgo Sun opposite Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees

Sunday September 18

T square Cancer Moon apex, square Aries Jupiter opposite Libra Mercury @ 4 degrees

Reflection from Last Week (Skip down to the long form weeklies for this week's astro-weather)

The week kicked off for me with a nice sleep-in and ultimately a lazy Labour day. I had some nice friendly times lounging in the fall sun, after the night of an amazing party with friends.

My Tuesday was spent in a Virgoan manner. I had to go to the dentist, which is something I dread and hold a lot of trauma around (I’ve come to realize.) I wrote: This suggests a personal moment where ego/ shadow/ body/ and wounding all come together to tell us something. I expected the Moon conjunct Pluto to be a big hammer down on me, but lo-and-behold; I had a (dare I say it?) pleasant experience all round, and I’m delighted I found a dentist in this city that I trust. I learned a lesson about pushing through my panic, discomfort, and mind’s tendency to get caught up in worst case scenarios.

On Thursday with Aquarius Moon conjunct Saturn I contended with the feeling of being stuck with writing, with building my business and with life in general. I had worked really hard the day before in both my day job and side hustle, and of course the denouement of a big work period for me is often met with a feeling that I’m never doing enough. I had to take my own advice when I wrote: This moon is asking you to trust the future, and yourself within it.

Friday’s Pisces Moon action body-napped me into a dense space where my psychic channel was on high. I could literally feel-- at times-- that I knew what people were going to say before they said it, or as they were saying it. I could feel everything and see the Sacred, especially approaching the exact full moon. I spent the evening with a dear friend who recently lost her father and it was a terrific night of connection, hearing beautiful memories, and discussing what it is to love the living. Pisces Moon doesn’t mess around, especially when conjuncting Neptune. I might add to this that this whole Full Moon/ T Square to Gemini Mars, with Mercury Retrograde all happens in major aspect to Virgo Moon on IC and Pisces Mars on MC opposition, which also aspects a bunch of planets, including my Libra Pluto. The thing about my chart is that I have a lot of closed angles, so they all get set off in situations like this.

By Saturday 10th, it's clear I’m getting WORKED by this astrology. I don’t have any idea what’s going on in my head, and my body is heavy. Outside it looked like the apocalypse because of forest fires nearby. I stayed up late chatting with a natal Mars-in-Gemini friend and found myself telling her about things that are buried maybe deeper in my past. This wasn’t a confessional, but the older you get, you forget about stories from your past that maybe no longer seem relevant. I was trying to express how I learned to know things intuitively; how I use tarot to make decisions, and it helps me know things in my body.

What I had realized in this conversation is that this journey– at least part of it– had a lot to do with me learning to intuitively eat. A few years ago, around 2017 or 2018, when I had a massive dark night of the soul that profoundly changed my life forever– I also read a book that helped me decide that the war on my body was OVER. At that time I gave up diet culture for good, and embarked on the journey of trying to hear what my body wanted and needed and guiding my eating on nourishment rather than punishment. Giving up the goal of ongoing weight loss and dieting was a HUGE shift, and that shift gave way (in retrospect) to a lot of the intuitive work that I’m doing today. I’m healthier, more vital, happier, more confident and, dare I say, more effective with my time, efforts and money also. But mostly, I know what’s happening in my body, the messages my intuition is telling me, and what feels right or wrong. I know myself.

I bring this up to illustrate- Mercury is traveling backwards through my 4th house at 8 degrees Libra, and I have Pluto at 12 degrees Libra. They didn’t touch but they said hello! My mother had a LOT to do with my need to be on a diet, and she is still steeped in diet culture in her late 70's. The full moon was at 17 degrees Pisces with the Sun at 17 degrees Virgo. I have in my natal chart my Virgo IC/ Pisces MC Axis at 12 degrees with Virgo Moon directly opposite Pisces Mars, both at 9 degrees. Transiting Gemini Mars is in my 12th house at 11 degrees.

The intuitive Pisces Moon (which later conjuncted Neptune) had some messages to review for me. It felt significant enough to share here. And let’s not forget, I’m Moon ruled. My body, my intuition, is a big part of my Mars/MC axis being fed through my Moon/ IC axis. Virgo rules digestion/eating. Pisces rules our feet and grounding, and can dissociate the earthly needs of its body.

I’ll leave it there as today as I am sure that Aries Moon has some surprises for me. I live with an Aries Moon friend, and I'm an Aries myself. Today we are entertaining friends for “Awesome Soup Sunday.” Take care of yourself and lots of love!

Long Form Weeklies

Monday Sept 12

Virgo Sun inconjunct Aquarian Saturn @ 19 degrees

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 15 degrees

Brief yod Virgo sun apex @ 20 degrees inconjunct Aries Moon @ 21 degrees and Saturn @ 19 degrees

Capricorn Pluto square Aries Moon @ 26 degrees

Monday 12th looks to be spicy with some awkward moments and brief interludes. Mercury is in full retrograde magic all week so we are all piecing together our lives as we misstep, make mistakes, deal with delays, and have arguments over miscommunications. Our genuine hope to deal straight with someone or in life (Virgo Sun) might be met with an awkward universal truth (Aquarian Saturn.) Sometimes life do be like that.

Adding to this Aries moon conjuncts Chiron highlighting our hurt feels and automatic responses. Can we hold on to our hats instead of exploding into a million pieces? Aries Moon wants to explode but it won’t help the cause. Maybe could we go for a brisk walk instead?

This brief yod is an ego moment. A moment of truth between you and you. One doesn’t think of egoic behaviour when we mention Virgo, but sometimes Virgo thinks it knows better, and sometimes Virgo can be a bit critical. Backed by Saturn and Moon, this could put Virgo sun in its place, or it could just sit there and make everyone uncomfortable.

Note to all of us: apologies go a long way.

Finally, to cap things off, Capricorn Pluto and Aries Moon make a square meaning we might be brushing up against the hand of fate today. We might feel it in our bones, we might just feel an ending approaching. We are no stranger to this face of Pluto. This is a cardinal square, meaning that it can propel us forward in an initiatory way. Try to remember this before the tantrum!

Wednesday Sept 14

Taurus Moon Conjunct NN @ 15 degrees

Taurus Moon Conjunct Uranus @ 18 degrees

Taurus Moon Square Aquarius Saturn @ 19 degrees

Taurus Moon makes the rounds today, through the sign that currently houses the oracles of revolution and future karma. Taurus also has a Venusian flavor, it links us to the way we make money, our comfy places, it’s slow, earthy, and likes its snacks.

What did today teach you about where you are presently versus where you are headed? Your body and cycles may feel directed to do something different, or avant guarde. This is fixed energy, perhaps the avant guarde is just a manner of being still and not moving? Today might be the right day for a nap and recovery while everything in Mercury-land moves backwards. Perhaps the friction has your body exhausted, hungry or ready for Netflix n chill.

My suggestion is not to take anything too seriously today, while still taking time to notice the Sacred. Make a ritual out of dinner, give yourself that bubble bath. Take a moment to say: “thank you, ME, for getting me through all this. I know it was hard, and wow I barely made it, but I did! THANK YOU body, thank you mind, and thank you soul, for taking me this far.” Then put on some killer tracks and eat a cookie.

Thursday Sept 15

Gemini Mars square Virgo Venus @ 13 degrees

Mutable square time! This Mars wants to move in 60 directions but Virgo Venus wants it to focus on what’s most important and what’s of value. How is your time best spent today? What are your options?

Our quick erratic movement is clashing with our focused and careful preferences. Perhaps there is a push and pull feeling where we are moving, perhaps not exactly how or where we want to be. Virgo Venus is in charge of backwards-moving Mercury-in-Libra, so there may be keen awareness of balance–or lack thereof. Mercury is moving through a sign that really deals with our relationships so our communications with our cohorts, lovers, partners, roommates, work mates, and “the person you have to deal with all the time that you can’t stand” may require some review, some untangling, or some repair. It is always tempting to believe the other person is wrong, but true balance can be tipped by owning your part of the mess. That is a great place to start, anyway.

Friday Sept 16

Gemini Mars conjunct Gemini Moon square Virgo Venus @ 14 degrees

Change is in the air with this mutable square. Our body and our actions are aligned today, but aligned in that they are ready to talk, discuss, learn, research, run around aimlessly. I can’t think of a more Gemini activity than parkour. That said, maybe try something like a nice long directionless walk, and you’re likely not to hurt yourself. It may be that you are spread too thin and being kept from what you really want to fixate on! Virgo Venus wants to focus with its aperture when Gemini Mars and Moon are curious, distractable, and unfocused. There is a tension between these two mercurial energies. But if you can ride the beauty of all of it, you may be able to structure your day in such a way that you’re able to do it all. If so, perhaps consider writing a book and teaching the rest of us how you did it.

Saturday Sept 17

Virgo Sun opposite Pisces Neptune T square with Gemini Moon as apex @ 24 degrees

Chatterbox Gemini Moon runs its mouth off today. The Sun/ Neptune opposition is uncomfortable, and breeds insecurity. It may confuse or even deceive us about what is actually happening. Have you ever been so sure that you know what’s going on, only to find out that you were dead wrong? The guarantee today is that you’ll be easily confused, or led down the wrong path. Furthermore, you may be tempted to blow your mouth or keyboard off about it. If you can resist talking smack, you’ll be in a better position all round to deal with things later. What IS favored today is art and spirituality. If you can put those ideas into that book you’re writing, that painting, or that modeling clay, you’ll be working with some powerful energy from the muses. Furthermore, a medicine or meditation journey will help you to connect with this energy. This is a great day to commune with mother nature and ask her your questions and simply listen to what she has to say.

Sunday Sept 18

T square Cancer Moon apex square Aries Jupiter opposite Libra Mercury @ 4 degrees

Cancer Moon is concerned with protecting our babies. Our babies are creative, and not necessarily human. They could be ideas, art projects, home projects, children of all sizes, pets of all sizes, and they are ours only in the fact that we gestate and caretake them, but they are their own entities and energies. We do not “own” them. Cancer Moon is linked to the universal mother and she caretakes us all- we always have a link to this protective fluid within our bodies. And that fluid-- that body-- is the apex of this Cardinal T square, with its all-star supporting cast: -Aries Jupiter, fresh with expansive inspiration and unfettered ideas and a bold self reliance. -Retrograde Libra Mercury, who will attempt to make this fair, equitable and beautiful for everyone. There is something being discussed or discovered here, wheels are turning and ideas are catching fire! Witty repartee abounds! Cancer Moon will be the first to pour some protective water on the fire. She may seem like a wet blanket: “come on, mum, just 5 more minutes!” but she is protecting the entire operation, overseeing the conditions needed to make this work. Trust your body’s messages today, and don’t be scared to say NO. It is a sacred word that protects your energy, your relationships, and your projects. This protection is the way for these babies to grow up healthily.

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