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Weekly transits for September 18th-24th

Monday September 18th

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 2 degrees

2:18 am PST/ 5:18 am EST

Throughout almost the entire week the grand earth trine continues. Beneficial and practical things are happening to anchor us in our changing lives. Earth is stable and will bless us with tangible results, but that doesn’t mean we always enjoy blessing. Humans have a fraught relationship with change and beneficial energy. Is there any change or difficult situation coming up that has benefits despite how hard it is? Can you trust that?

Jupiter and Uranus’s transits guarantee earth is well represented in our current astrology, and Pluto’s dip back into Capricorn is taking one last kick at the can with the old power structures. But Pluto’s game is transformation, and from a generational perspective. We are drops in the ocean of change. Sun in Virgo puts a spotlight on this change, on our participation in it, and how we identify as ourselves within it.

This deeply sensitive Moon trines with Pisces Saturn. Whatever feelings you have worked on subduing have flared up and out. Likely if you have a chronic illness or condition, this might be flaring up as well. It’s time to shed these emotions, through medicine, through meditation, through willingness to let go. Scorpio Moon is beautiful for this, if any sign wants us to let go of what does not serve, it’s certainly Scorpio. Scorpio gets rid of the garbage we’ve been storing.

Pisces Saturn is playing with opposites; tangible work versus dreams, one-ness and timelessness versus containment and finiteness, porousness versus boundaries. Saturn suggests what is real, and Pisces is about infinite possibilities. So this trine suggests that our work in the world will emerge in front of us, and that we will someone connect with it. What a gift today- this healing energy of our personal selves versus the self in the world.

Tuesday September 19th

T- square: Leo Venus is the apex @ 16 degrees, Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

3:14 am PST/ 6:14 am EST

Virgo Sun opposes Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

4:11 am PST/ 7:11 am EST

Scorpio Moon square Leo Venus @ 16 degrees

5:27 am PST/ 8:27 am

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

5:45 pm PST/ 8:45 pm EST

We start the day with a fixed T-square, the energy is focused on Leo Venus, and the pressure put on by a sensitive Moon and a belief system that is working through our sense of security and what needs to be done. The opposition that pulls it out suggests there is a difference between emotional sensitivity and belief systems, between knowing certain things must go, and the feeling safe and secure for the long-haul. This dichotomy is what will drive your relationship connections, your sense of being known in relationships, and your values. Frustration is likely because of the fixed nature of what we’re detailing here. It’s helpful to have an expanded view of both/and. Whatever your view is and what you value can be absolutely true, while someone else’s experience can also be true.

Our sense of self that is in service and wanting so much to be heads down in “the work” will be challenged by Pisces Neptune which obfuscates and tricks us into focusing on the bigger picture. Pisces Neptune is big and wide, Virgo Sun is detailed and specific, and knows itself. This opposition shines a light on what is confusing, spiritual, or where we use substances to blur the lines. It shines a light on deception, confusion, and our sense of being a victim. This may be a lot to contend with.

Scorpio Moon squares Leo Venus: emotions run high along with sensitivities. Everyone is feeling extra tender, misunderstood, disempowered or empowered, or the need to exert their will. It’s all coming from certain paradigms, either your knee-jerk reactions or your inclinations might be making you defensive. At heart all anyone wants is to be loved and connected, and sometimes we have needs that we don’t know how to explain. This is normal… for everyone.

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus. There will be surprises, course changes, events, or new information that changes the game. You and another person may be at odds about something, and everyone is quite sensitive right now. Scorpio Moon might be concerned with power to the point of manipulation “for a cause” and quick to strike given the heightened sensitivity. Taurus Uranus might be stubborn, insensitive, concerned with the long haul, and in desperate need of something to change. These two together will work it out eventually, but this moment is crunchy. How can you have compassion for those with which you have your most frustrating relationships?

Wednesday September 20th

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

12:04 am PST/ 3:04 am EST

Kite formation: including the grand earth trine (Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees, Virgo Sun @ 27 degrees, Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees, with Scorpio Moon at the top @ 27 degrees, or Neptune Pisces @ 26 degrees

1:45 am PST/ 4:45 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 2 degrees

10:56 am PST/ 1:56 pm EST

A water trine begins the day. Again, Scorpio Moon is sensitive. It sniffs out lies, bad behaviour, ulterior motives. Sometimes, in its critical eye, it can be overprotective and mistrustful. Thankfully we have a trine with compassionate, dreamy Pisces Neptune. While we have a tendency toward delusion or being duped with this Neptune, Scorpio Moon will sniff that out in seconds, so we have a nicely layered and helpful emotional space here. What are you dealing with, emotionally? Are there ways to soften and open?

We have a kite formation starring the grand earth trine energy we’ve been working with. This will propel us forward in new, surprising, transformational and expansive ways. We’re ready for blastoff, and the propeller for now is Moon or Neptune, depending on what angle we’re looking at.

What Scorpio Moon work have you been doing the last few days, most notably, what are you letting go of? What– if you could just let it go, would free you to do other things? What blessings have come your way recently that have helped you know where you are grounded and what you have backing you?

Where in your life has compassion or spirituality been the entry point? With Neptune as propeller, we’re looking at a more universal and wise standpoint, hopefully. Spirituality is heightened as earth grand trine puts us in sync with the earth mother. How can you celebrate your connection to Gaia? How is the earth mother showing you your sacred role in humanity?

Sagittarius Moon makes a square to Pisces Saturn. We are frustrated by our impulse to go, do, achieve, and expand, our interior impulse BE more, and the real world principle of our work in the world. We are limited by time, by real-life situations, and by the circumstances beyond our control. What that means is that while our arrow may want to fly, my NEED to fly, it could be anchored to a rock in the bottom of the ocean. This is a quick transit that keeps us in place for a short while, hopefully to clarify and pinpoint our aim.

Thursday September 21st

Sagittarius Moon square Virgo Mercury @ 10 degrees

2:12 am PST/ 5:12 am EST

Kite, with grand fire trine: Sagittarius Moon and Leo Venus @ 17 degrees. Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees, Libra Mars is at the top @ 16 degrees

3:23 pm PST/ 6:23 pm EST

The beneficial earth trine/ kite formation continues with Sun, Pluto, and Uranus in the trine, and Neptune as the propeller. We continue to benefit from plant medicine, nature, mother goddess work, and grounding. If you have fraught relationships with any of these things, you may find yourself more able to salve yourself. Spirituality is powerful right now, and this is an excellent time to do breathwork, meditation, and silent retreats. Your body knows things and it is an antennae for wisdom.

Sagittarius Moon squares Virgo Mercury as our obsessive, perfectionistic, or analytical ways feel very bogged down for where we are headed emotionally. We have a deep desire to escape the cages of our bodies and the earth, but Mercury puts us in our place and says that there is work to do here and now on earth. Mercury is practical, knowledgeable, and in service. Sagittarius thinks it knows better, and wants desperately to go explore– the where isn’t as important as the why. Virgo Mercury will have an easier time if it understands the why factor, even if it doesn’t like the impractical and grandiose aims of Sagittarius Moon. This is a mutable square designed to usher in change. Thought process and communication will be accurate and precise, but emotions and the body will want to move right away, and get where it wants to go: destination anywhere. Can you hold both? Can your brain catch up with your impetus to “go?”

Fire trines are beneficial spiritual energy that will propel you further to want to go. You’ll want to do it all, achieve all kinds of things, and of course this is a kite with Mars at the top! So this energy is restless, explosive energy that makes you want to connect, do what you want, help out those that need you and get things done in balance. You want to create change and the impulse will be strong. This energy could be sexy, or it could seem like you want to run away, burn down what’s there and start again. Good thing Mars is in Libra or we might see more fire.

The warning here is that fire consumes. It will consume your relationships, your body’s stores, and your bank account. This kite can propel but it can also leave you with nothing, if you don’t replenish yourself or your stocks. The other warning is that everyone is experiencing this fire trine, and not everyone has the same agenda. So forcing things to get your way will cause extra friction and fraughtness.

Friday September 22nd

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries North Node @ 25 degrees

4:43 am PST/ 7:43 am EST

Fall or Spring equinox/ Sun enters Libra

11:50 pm PST/ September 23rd 2:50 am EST

More of this fiery energy continues. Moon makes a beneficial trine to the North Node to help us get ready for our future. There’s some impulse and movement that may not entirely be your own, and you might need to temper it, as it will feel like a strong “go.” Your body is telling you to do it, but North Node is clarifying what you need to do. Together there is strength, purpose, and clarity. What makes sense to do now more than it ever has before?

And we say goodbye to Virgo season for Libra season. The days are equal to the night and this provides a gorgeous balance and symmetry. There is a divine blessing with the Sun here, no matter which hemisphere you are in, and it’s time to look at our one on one relationships and partnerships, our sense of justice, and our sense of beauty. This is a time of good lighting, negotiations between people, and artistic expression. This is a time to ask ourselves about justice, what it is, and if we actively fight for it. We are living in interesting times, and our paradigms do not represent the reality for many. Are we passive in how we view equality? Are we actively dismantling the structures that need to go in order for fairness for all? This is a Venus–ruled season, and you’ve just gone through a major Venus event. Mars is already in Libra along with the South Node, and relationships are definitely top of mind as we discover what parity can actually be made. Of course there are imbalances too– how can you find your equilibrium within the exterior contrast?

Saturday September 23rd

Leo Venus trine Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

12:54 am PST/ 3:54 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Virgo Mercury @ 12 degrees

11:22 am PST/ 2:22 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 14 degrees

3:12 pm PST/ 6:12 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Libra Mars @ 17 degrees

8:15 pm PST/ 11:15 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

9:06 pm PST/ Sunday 24th 12:06 am EST

Leo Venus and Aries Chiron make a trine. This energy is guaranteed to fire you up, as you assess what you need to connect, and make that bread. Aries Chiron will help mold you in the direction of healer and put you in touch with a larger trajectory, one where your identity is essential to the work you do in the world. Leo Venus is considering how you lead, how you love, and how you thrive, and this trine will not only benefit you, but the world that needs your unique talent.

Now a new earth trine emerges trine with Capricorn Moon and Virgo Mercury. There’s some practical body knowledge and drive working with a highly astute brain and clear communications. Clarity and focus are two byproducts of this earthy trine. You can understand and feel what needs to be said or done, and your body will be able to take action and do the work.

The earth trine is then between Moon and Jupiter, where our beliefs about security and what we need to be comfortable will be boosted by our work ethic, our body’s need to get things done, and our energy levels. This trine works in our favor with high practicality and can work for us economically, if we tap into this energy. What have you learned about your financial health? What opportunities are coming and how do you recognize them?

Moon squares Mars and it might be crunchy. Capricorn Moon wants to get things done and move forward, while Libra Mars has some things to get off its chest. There is energy that is trying to go, and Capricorn Moon would rather that energy goes to making skrilla, and moving things forward and up. Libra Mars needs things to feel fair and evenly distributed and if it doesn’t feel that, it may be passive aggressive or sullen.

Ouch– then Moon makes a cardinal square Aries Chiron to initiate something. There is body and emotional regulation to work through here as our identity wound is flaring up, and making things difficult. Capricorn Moon may want us to get over ourselves, but this wound is at a fundamental level: we don’t know ourselves without it, and we can’t just “get over it.” So how can we have compassion for ourselves and others, and allow the wound to be there? What does allowing the wound to be there initiate in you? Even though you cannot fully heal the wound, can you heal the discordance of it being there?

Sunday September 24th

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

4:26 am PST/ 7:26 am EST

Capricorn Moon square North Node in Aries/ South Node in Libra @ 25 degrees

8:19 am PST/ 11:19 am EST

Libra Mars opposes Aries Chiron @ 18 degrees

12:38 pm PST/ 3:38 pm EST

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 27 degrees

1:05 pm PST/ 4:05 pm EST

Aquarius Moon trine Libra Sun @ 1 degree

7:23 pm PST/ 10:23 pm EST

We open the day with an earth trine with Moon and Uranus. There is a surprise or non linear change afoot designed for you to move forward personally within the guise of a human story. Capricorn Moon is solid, hardworking, and knows its body and needs, while Taurus Uranus is both slow and quick changing at once. Taurus Uranus helps us identify where we are insecure and secure, where we have planned ahead and made things comfortable, or where we are at risk. Capricorn Moon will do whatever it takes. Together these two will have you engaging with your immediate world.

Moon is the apex of a T-square with the nodes and Capricorn is a bit of a workhorse. So you might find yourself both using your innate talents to work towards something that seems intangible. Where are you headed? Perhaps it all just feels like work, memories, and body stuff, but that’s great if it does. Your body might know before your brain what;s next. Have you listened to what your body is saying lately?

Mars opposes Chiron. There is wounding here with at least one party, and potentially a need to find justice, equality, or to smooth things over. Effort and movement might be made, or there may be a chance to heal something that has hurt someone. You may find yourself being healed or hurt, or both. There is a self vs. other theme here that is echoed with the nodes. This Mars rules Chiron in this place, so there’s something that must be moved or initiated in your relationships.

With Moon conjunct Pluto, we’re feeling and processing transformative power in our body. We might be tempted to believe that this will have an overt event, but it may be subtle; we may be stepping through a threshold that equalizes our bodies with our own transformation and power shifts. There’s something personal and localized going on, and accessing our memory banks and sense memories may be part of what’s in store. However, there’s something on the humanity scale and level that is also at play, and this isn’t always explosive in its approach. Pluto was in Capricorn for 15 years– you changed during that time, and you continue to change. Can you see some blending of your bodily senses and self versus who you are becoming in the world? Is your power shifting in some areas?

We end the day with a nice air trine between Sun and Moon, which is essentially our ego and physical/ emotional self. There is fundamentally a consideration of an advanced question here, a koan, a puzzle, or a conundrum. This is a powerful blessing, you are facing a bigger concept to wrestle with, and that will make you smarter, sharper, and ready to face the complexity of being human. What have you been wracking your brain trying to figure out? Is it possible that there is no answer, or that the answer is so complex that there are many right answers?

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