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Weekly Transits for September 26th- October 2nd (referencing PST Time zone)

Cheat Sheet:

Monday September 26th

Libra Sun opposite Aries Jupiter @ 3 degrees

Libra New Moon Separation with Venus & Mercury still conjunct

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron @ 14 degrees

Tuesday September 27th

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

Wednesday, September 28th

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus NN @ 15 degrees

Gemini Mars Trines Aquarius Saturn @ 19 degrees

September 29th

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 18 degrees

Venus enters Libra

Scorpio Moon squares Aquarian Saturn @ 19 degrees

Brief yod with Scorpio Moon at apex (19 degrees) inconjunct Gemini Mars (19 degrees) and Aries Chiron (14 degrees)

Minor triangle Capricorn Pluto Apex 26 degrees sextile Scorpio Moon 25 degrees and Pisces Neptune 23 degrees

October 1st

Mercury Stations Direct @ 24 degrees (opposing Picean Neptune @23 degrees)

Sagittarius Moon opposes Gemini Mars @20 degrees

Sagittarius Moon squares Picean Neptune @ 23 degrees

Sagittarius Moon squares Virgo Mercury @

Libra Venus opposes Aries Jupiter @ 2 degrees

October 2nd

Capricorn Moon Square Aries Jupiter @2 degrees

Capricorn Moon square Libra Venus @ 2 degrees

Capricorn Moon square Libra Sun @ 9 degrees

Reflection from last week (skip down to long form weeklies to get this week's astrology)

Monday September 19th was significant as I found myself ‘reviewing or going over some argument or communication issue.” Reminding me a LOT of the Judgement card, I noticed a pattern that was a fractal of my relationship with my mother playing out in front of me, and it felt like an unstoppable force trapping me, much like it does with her. I had said the following about this day: “this has come up before but with Cancer Moon squaring Aries Chiron, it could strike a deep cut, a mother wound, a childhood wound might come up,” and it was distressing how accurate this was. As I write this, I am camping with my mother and contending with the fractal nature of how our issues repeat. Basically this all comes to head around me feeling trapped.

Interestingly, my reaction to feeling trapped is often to write, and probably how I developed an early and easy channel around it.

Thursday 22nd was equinox. It definitely felt like a threshold, but I was too busy to understand how or why.

Friday 23rd. Mercury Cazimi was another threshold in a week of doorways, but again, I have no words to put this into practice. I did end up lying on the ground in a tent while camping and getting a lot of sleep. Sometimes that’s the full definition of self care, and I managed to thwart any anxiety because of it.