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Weekly Transits July 10th-16th 2023

Monday July 10th

Mars enters Virgo

4:40 am PST/ 7:40 am EST

Aries Moon trine Leo Venus @ 25 degrees

9:33 am PST/ 12:33 pm EST

Cancer Mercury opposes Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

1:41 pm PST/ 3:41 pm EST

T square with Aries Moon as apex @ 29 degrees

3:49 pm PST/ 6:49 pm EST

Aries Moon square Cancer Mercury @ 29 degrees

4:10 pm PST/ 7:10 pm EST

Taurus Moon trine Virgo Mars @ 0 degrees

5:29 pm PST/ 8:29 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct North Node @ 0 degrees

6:22 pm PST/ 9:22 pm EST

Mercury enters Leo

9:11pm PST/July 11th 12:11 am EST

Today is a lot of change. Mars enters Virgo to help reign in the bigger energies we are working with this summer. Mars in Virgo is specific, detailed, and disciplined. We are getting it together and focusing. This is fantastic energy to get on top of details, and get organized. You’ll feel the shift from Mars in Leo, but remember to not get too overly critical or rigid with it. Virgo energy will increase as we go through Cancer and Leo seasons.

Aries Moon makes a fire trine with Leo Venus to help us integrate our feelings. Moon is the feelings within our bodies and Venus is the feelings we place on others, our preferences and what we connect to. All of this together in a fire trine makes us powerful and conscious of what’s going on, and we’ll need this to move forward through Venus retrograde. Can you see what you might be reviewing this summer in terms of Venus?

Our minds (Mercury) will be changed, and transformed through an opposition with Pluto. This will then be apexed by Aries Moon in a T-square. We have mind and body activation with the planet of destruction, investigation and power. Something needs to be brought to the surface and considered, and ultimately felt with some urgency at this anaretic degree of 29 degrees. This is a punchy transit that won’t last all that long but is guaranteed to open up your thought processes and potentially have to redirect conversations with someone. You might have to change, or step back, or protect your emotions. Something needs to change, and something needs to be understood and felt. This might come through interactions with others.

Taurus Moon then makes a glorious earth trine with this new Virgo Mars at 0 degrees. We are able to move our energy and feelings together practically, and tangibly forward. After the cardinal squaring, this earthy trine is an antidote to whatever needed to blow up, out, or in. We are finding stability and structure in our actions, our movement, and our emotional field. This new stability will be taking us to a conjunction to the North Node, which is opposite the South Node in Scorpio. We are integrating a lot of astrological aspects that have shifted into this new place, that is an important karmic part of our journey. Whatever destruction and transformation moved through us just before, we are now seeing its role in where we are heading.

The winged messenger then enters Leo where it’s confident, headstrong, and ready to lead. This can go both ways for us. We can be on fire with our jobs, explanations, and conversations. We can also be overconfident, attention seeking, and stubborn in our thinking. Taking the podium takes poise, confidence, and heart in its higher form. It takes a need for attention, ego, and righteousness in its lower form. It’s imperative we remember to hear others, and listen to those in our collective. We definitely need to be able to hear feedback while this transits.

Tuesday July 11th

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 11 degrees

1:04 pm PST/ 3:04 pm EST

Your beliefs and emotional field merge into something that is grounded and content. You are connecting with your social self and idealism, your belief system is sympatico with your body’s knowledge. This is an opportune time to understand your role in society and how it interacts with your talents, and rooted practical values.

What in your life have you built based on a set of beliefs? How do they ground you and support you? What is at your core and how is that the base of your life? Can you feel all the beauty that has come from your mind-frame, your belief system, your paradigm, your ancestors? As much as we inherit trauma from our ancestral line, we inherit beautiful things, things that are the basis of everything. Can you feel that today and think about it and thank those that dreamed you into existence. Can you dream something beautiful for the future?

Wednesday July 12th

Cancer Sun square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

5:06 am PST/ 8:06 am EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 22 degrees

9:41 am PST/ 12:41 pm EST

Taurus Moon square Leo Venus @ 26 degrees

6:23 pm PST/ 9:23 pm EST

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

11:10 pm PST/ July 13th 2:10 am EST

We start the day with a cardinal square. Sun squares Chiron and that means we are dealing with our wound and how it affects our self image. We are emotionally processing something that perhaps can not be processed in our brain, and it goes back, back, back. The wound will come up but maybe you have found a way to turn it into your superpower? Maybe you can see your own strength? Maybe the wound is illuminated by seeing with a nurturing, compassionate eye. What can you see about your wounding and how it informs your self image?

Moon conjuncts Uranus for a surprise recalibration. It could be an event that happens, something that somebody does, or some reaction you face; but whatever it is– change is upon you and your body. Something is reminding you how to move forward. Change is often seen as a negative initially; we typically experience change as destabilizing. I remember once being invited to go on a vacation at the eleventh hour and it stressed me out because I hadn’t planned it; and even though it was going to be fun, the whole “unexpected” thing made me nervous and foreboding.

Moon then squares Venus in Leo. You have been working with Venus here for a few weeks and experiencing lessons in connection, values, and your sense of self within this framing. Moon in Taurus is ruled by this Venus, so ultimately we are looking at our physical bodies, cycles, and bloodlines and their involvement in this Venusian puzzle. What is coming up about your ability to connect, be admired, be loved, and be valued?

Finally we have an earth trine with Taurus Moon and Capricorn Pluto at 29 degrees. Humanity is being asked to transform itself from hierarchy and top down authority to a universal paradigm. But we are still in this transformation and all of us here have a role in this epochal shift. Moon makes it personal, through our bloodlines and cycles, through every individual impulse. What are the messages you are getting today about your practical life? What shifts are happening or need to happen for you to manage things?

Thursday July 13th

Gemini Moon square Virgo Mars @ 1 degree

3:50 am PST/ 6:50 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

1:05 pm PST/ 4:05 pm EST

Yod continues with Leo Venus as apex/ Pisces Neptune and Capricorn Pluto sextile

A mutable square will help us dissolve what isn’t working between our actions and our bodies. These two planets (Moon and Mars) are ruled by Mercury so definitely we will be contending with our own thoughts and understandings about what needs to happen with our bodies and how we express that. Virgo is health conscious so there could be some friction with how to express energy in a healthy way.

Moon squares Saturn to bring us into what our work is in the world. Sometimes we think we know what that is, but we don’t always. Pisces Saturn is asking us to form something tangible, and Moon in Gemini is not always focused or clear. This could be a time which feels serious or austere to get your mind on what you are here to do on earth and to point you in a direction that is time-stamped. What are you trying to do and how does that relate to a larger purpose? What seemed like a good idea and no longer feels aligned? Does your body have something to tell you about the feasibility of your goals?

With the yod; have you noticed anything coming up about the way you connect with people, or how they see you? In what ways do you desire to be seen and how does this come into play for you? What does being seen mean for you? In what ways can you use compassion for yourself and others to transform your vision of what relationships can be?

Friday July 14th

Cancer Sun sextile Taurus Uranus @22 degrees

3:58 pm PST/ 6:58 pm EST

This nurturing and protective identity will work with the non-linear change of Uranus to provide some sort of pivot or surprise that is needed. Perhaps we’ll see a shift in identity or there will be a dislodging of certainty that many of us like to have. Either way it will look at the ideas of safety and security and how this can play into the way we see ourselves.

Another way this could show up is with creativity. If you have been working on a project or birthing something, you may see something come out of the blue that helps you see dimension or informs the way you work. What are you creating and what is it becoming?

Saturday July 15th

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

5:34 am PST/ 8:34 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

11:04 pm PST/ July 16th 2:04 am EST

The energy of the moon is social and frenetic, and it makes a mutable square with Neptune. It won’t be easy to find clarity and that may make the day difficult. You may find yourself yearning for something or feeling super emotional and not knowing exactly why. Neptune is a dissolver and moon will make you contend with your cycles. How can you allow change without needing to understand exactly what’s happening?

Now Moon is at home in Cancer and highly sensitive to what’s being asked of us through Pisces Saturn. There is an emotional toll to what we feel when we are forced to work hard and attune with our bodies' need for emotional safety. What are you working on and how does it never feel complete? What have you had to work harder on than seemingly anyone else? Is there an artistic project that is haunting you? Have you worked with any medicine lately and if so, what did it teach you? Have you addressed your emotional field and allowed it to reveal what is untended within?

Sunday July 16th

There aren’t any notable exact transits today, but we are approaching a very big week. We have Capricorn Pluto still making a square with the North Node in Taurus so we have a semi-urgent call to our future and that is supported through a trine from Uranus in Taurus. We are also approaching a Pisces Saturn/ Virgo Mars opposition so we may feel a build up of explosive or frustrating energy in our relationships. We are close to both a new moon in Cancer, a nodal shift, and Venus retrograde in Leo so definitely there will be some things coming up in relationships next week, but today may lay some groundwork to be aware of what those things are. Next week will have it all, today is the calm before the storm, so to speak.

What relationships are frustrating you and why? How do you keep your identity in partnerships? Which relationships are the most work?

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