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Weekly transits: July 24th-July 30th

Monday July 24th

T-square: Capricorn Pluto apex, squaring North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra @ 29 degrees

8:40 am PST/ 11:40 am EST

Libra Moon opposite Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

2:28 pm PST/ 5:28 pm EST

Change is in the air! It’s Leo season, Venus is retrograde in Leo, and we’re dealing with this interesting T-square at the anaretic degree. Capricorn Pluto is delivering transformation and change to our hierarchies, power structures, institutions, and our own patriarchal templates. We have dipped back to our own assumptions about how the world works, and the nodes are providing us some choices about how we move in the future, and what we bring from the past. There is a relationship to what we karmically have to do, and where we need to go, and this will be playing with us for a couple of days. What are you noticing about who you are in the world and the path you are being asked to walk? How does it feel? What is surprising about it?

Libra Moon wants to keep the peace, seeks for balance and harmony, and Aries Chiron is held up by identity. There may be relationships that you are dealing with that echo this theme. We all want peace and everything to be fair, but of course, what is fair? What if you feel absorbed into an identity that isn’t yours. What if you feel like your identity is broken? These are heavier questions, and this transit isn’t a big one, but since we are dealing with relationships these days, it’s important to understand the energies at play. It’s important to recognize that knowing ourselves in relation to others has nuances that may not be obvious. Peace is only peace if everyone experiences peace. If peace only works for one party– it’s domination and subjugation. People hide themselves to keep the peace, and that really isn’t peace, is it?

Tuesday July 25th

Libra Moon conjunct South Node/ Opposite Aries North Node/ square Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

8:04 am PST/ 11:04 am EST

Scorpio Moon square Leo Sun @ 2 degrees

3:05 pm PST/ 5:05 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 6 degrees

9:26 pm PST/ July 25th 12:26 am EST

Moon conjunct South Node and square Pluto will have us having physical reactions to whatever is transforming in our relationships. We are moving forward, but South Node is touched with the familiar knee jerk reactions that come through our nervous systems. We may be challenged to try to integrate some space between our reaction and our actions. We are not aligned when our traumas are triggered, and our survival methods aren’t always the best way. That’s a lot to hold in a quicker moment, but we are starting a nodal journey and Capricorn Pluto is digging up things we need to see and deal with.

Scorpio Moon squares Leo Sun, and we may find our physical selves at odds with our spiritual identity. Scorpio Moon is sensitive and notices everything coming forth in the body. It focuses us in and asks us to deal with and compost what needs to go. Leo Sun wants to be out there, seen, and charge ahead. It’s confident and ready to take the wheel. Scorpio Moon says not so fast– we need to really understand what’s beneath the surface, the power structures at play, and pay attention to what our body tells us.

Scorpio Moon trines Pisces Saturn to help us integrate this body knowledge into the larger picture. Pisces Saturn is helping us swim in dark waters, to find the island in the middle of the ocean. We don’t know where we are going or what will emerge, but the extreme sensitivity of Scorpio Moon is helping us feel our way in the dark. We may be frightened or on high alert– try to calm and ground. Your body is teaching you the way into your divine work.

Wednesday July 26th

Scorpio Moon opposite Taurus Jupiter @ 13 degrees

10:38 am PST/ 1:38 pm EST

Moon opposes Jupiter as we may have a standoff between someone who is connected to their emotional and ancestral field, and someone who is connected to the way they see the physical world. Scorpio Moon is concerned with transformation and Taurus Jupiter deals in form. It’s sometimes difficult to reconcile the two. Perhaps we are too quick to dismiss someone's belief system when it makes no sense to us, or we are quick to dismiss someone's feelings for the same reason.

Facts are facts, and sometimes two things can be true at the same time, and yet sometimes they cannot. Our job will be to assess this today, and decide how our relationship will grow from there.

Thursday July 27th

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

4:10 am PST/ 7:10 am EST

Leo Venus conjunct Mercury @ 28 degrees

8:07 am PST/ 11:07 am EST

Ongoing: Yod apexed with Venus @ 28 degrees inconjunct Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees and Capricorn Pluto @ 29 degrees

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

12:54 pm PST/ 3:54 pm EST

Scorpio Moon square Leo Venus & Leo Mercury @ 28 degrees

2:04 pm PST/ 5:04 pm EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus so we may have some sort of surprise conversation or situation coming up in our relationships. Taurus Uranus won’t clue us in until its actually happening, but Scorpio Moon will process it all like a boss. We’re still in this relationship question and we’re still trying to understand what’s transforming and what’s holding. Whatever this unexpected twist brings, it is sure to propel us forward.

Leo Venus conjuncts Mercury for a beautiful moment of integration between what we think, say and feel. We are ready to put ourselves out there, led by heart, and led by our best self. We may be called upon to take the lead in some way, and we are ready to do it, and we are ready to accept the responsibility. We may find ourselves discovering something within this unity of head and heart. There is something we are learning today about what and who we like, and how we think within that value structure. Communication could be fiery, dramatic, and heartfelt.

Remember that Venus/Mercury are sitting on the apex of that yod, and that this Mercurial and Venusian moment are being set up by Neptune and Pluto. This lesson that is coming forth through us, is really a big part of the overarching Venus story that is playing out through this retrograde. What is coming up already in your life and your loved ones’ lives? What are you learning about what you value?

Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces for some beneficial healing. Something is being soothed, like a burn being run under cold water. What are you learning about your skills when it comes to high-temperature moments? How is such tender territory a fertile ground for healing?

Moon makes a fixed square to Venus and Mercury now as we try and reconcile the situation we find ourselves in. There’s what we value and think about something, and where hearts lead us. There is also the absolute physical truth about what needs to go, what is getting turned up, and what is unavoidable. We can’t run away from the truth, and Scorpio Moon has a way of sticking us to our spots to really learn the lesson. We may feel trapped, but we aren’t. We are just contending with something we really don’t want to.

Friday July 28th

Sagittarius Moon trine Leo Sun @ 5 degrees

2:21 am PST/ 5:21 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 5 degrees

3:50 am PST/ 6:50 am EST

T-square: Capricorn Pluto at apex, inconjunct the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra @ 28 degrees

6:47 am PST/ 9:47 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Virgo Mars @ 11 degrees

1:08 pm PST/ 4:08 pm EST

Mercury enters Virgo

2:31 pm PST/ 5:31 pm EST

A fire trine between Moon and Sun says that we will be spiritually moved, in tune and ready to enact our personalities in a unified way. We are confident and forward thinking, we are ready to move on, move forward, and move out. There is confidence and intention in this moment.

Moon makes a mutable square to Saturn to bring our bodies into the overarching work we need to be doing. We may see limits in time, or confusions that make our plans seem impossible. We may not have enough structure with our ideas or we may be trying to build the wrong dream. This square is a quick one but something to pay attention to what is changing.

A Plutonian T square with the Nodes is really bringing the transformation and destruction of the old ways of our relationships. It doesn’t mean the relationship is over, but the old way of the relationship is. Change is being forced upon us, and Pluto is really making us go back to some of our most tender points to understand why we must change. We can kick and scream all we like about it, but that won’t make this situation be anymore than it is. You’re at a karmic crosspoint, and there’s really only one way out.

A mutable square between Mars and Moon ask our bodies and actions to change. These themes that are running through all of these transits are all asking us to review and change the way that we are dealing with things. Moon is the familiar cycle of the body, and Mars is the energy that moves through it. These two are at odds looking at the big and small pictures. Are we moving in the right direction? Do we have a choice to do anything different?

Well with Mercury moving into Virgo, our minds and mouths will be in overdrive analyzing it all. Mercury is at home in earthy Virgo who seeks to understand ever side of a question in great detail. This Mercury wants to know everything all at once. This can be an anxiety riddled ride for those of you with very open channels– so now is the time to figure out what practices help you ground, and what you will do when things get intense. Mercury in Virgo performs so well, you might need special practices to get to sleep.

Saturday July 29th

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

3:56 am PST/ 6:56 am EST

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

4:31 pm PST/ 7:31 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon trine Leo Venus @ 27 degrees

4:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm EST

Sagittarius Moon sextile Libra South Node and trine Aries North Node @ 28 degrees

6:48 pm PST/ 9:48 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Virgo Mercury @ 1 degree

11: 55 pm PST/ July 30th 2:55 am EST

Moon makes a fire trine to Aries Chiron suggesting that there is some healing work and potentially some healing mentoring going on. You may have something to learn or teach, but your identity wound is helping you understand that it can be both. You are often somewhere on the infinity loop of exploring this.

Moon makes a mutable square to Neptune to lend us psychic powers, but also frustrations when things aren’t clear or even understandable. We are taking into our body the ideas of source, but it’s rarely clear what it wants or how to find it. We are being ushered into a new space through this quick transit that doesn’t want to be fully identified. It wants to be sensed.

Sagittarius Moon makes a fire trine with Leo Venus to help us find the springboard of our values and how we will follow our own lead. There is a confidence and certainly available in this trine that wasn’t happening with the Neptune square. Life is mysterious this way, in the succession and the cadence of how information is released to us.

The nodes make beneficial aspects to Moon to help us choose our own adventure. What are we learning about and where does our past mistakes now help us know what to do? What are we brave enough to do today that we weren’t ready to do yesterday?

Capricorn Moon trines Virgo Mercury as our body cycles and thought cycles work together in a very practical way. Something is going to work or manifest that really needed to, and we will be emotionally and mentally onboard. This is at its heart a small, earthy moment when things come together well and work together.

Sunday July 30th

Capricorn Moon trine Virgo Mars @ 12 degrees

5:18pm PST/ 8:18 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 13 degrees

6:51 pm PST/ 9:51 pm EST

An earth trine between Moon and Mars makes us practical about our energy and emotional fields. We know what to do and what makes the most sense. We are analytical and can push further and further, and that helps us carry on. This may feel like inspired action, or you may be presented with an offer you can’t refuse.

Moon then makes another earth trine but this time to Jupiter. There’s likely some money making or abundance in this moment, or at least a shrewd or lucrative moment comes about. Capricorn is ambitious and Taurus works hard. Both want us to thrive while Moon governs what that means in our body and Jupiter within our goals and beliefs. We can push further and into more, but we want both to work together to achieve this. We want to really integrate our physical selves into our dream and not bypass it. What are you learning about the pace and cadence of your goals and how practical are they?

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