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Weekly Transits July 31st- August 6th

Monday July 31st

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

5:00 am PST/ 8:00 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

9:28 am PST/ 12:28 pm EST

T-square Capricorn Moon with North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra @ 28 degrees

6:35 pm PST/ 9:35 pm EST

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 28 degrees

7:12 pm PST/ 10:12 pm EST

We start out with a cardinal square between Moon and Chiron which suggests some interplay between being hurt and being healed. Aries Chiron is a childlike, inner child kind of hurt, it speaks to being young and unfiltered, brave but emotional. Capricorn Moon has an adult flavor to it, speaking to skipping through the histrionics to find what is practical and what moves us forward, Moon is linked to our ancestry and all of the trials and tribulations that our ancestors went through to get us to this very moment. Inside of us are both– the one that needs to be a survivor, and the one that needs a kiss on the head and a bandaid. What we learn as we grow older is that we can be both the parent and child to ourselves. That we can be both to others. There is something beautiful about that, even if the experience itself was utterly painful and shattering.

We get some divine intervention to Capricorn Moon by way of Taurus Uranus that will want to make sure we’re headed in a practical manner towards our own freedom. What is freedom anyway? Uranus wants to bring us into a larger story while Moon is a very personal one. We are free to mess around, but Uranus gives us a dual purpose, and surprises us with that which we need to put our gaze on the path.

And then Moon finds itself in the middle of the Nodes, integrating an old story with a new one, there’s a bunch of cardinal energy ushering us into the relationship story we need to understand ourselves. Moon is our body and physical responses and here we are contending with how we move forward into our future (North Node in Aries) using the skills and tools of our past.

Pluto joins Moon in the T-square to fully transform us. There might be a mini destruction or pulling back of the curtain to show us what we’re really dealing with, and how relationships themselves are just as simple as they are complicated. Sometimes we ignore what is in front of us so that we can tell ourselves the same story, and Pluto is here to make sure that the only story we can tell, is the one that moves us into the future.

Tuesday August 1st

Full Moon in Aquarius @ 9 degrees

11:30 am PST/ 2:30 pm EST

Virgo Mars trine Taurus Jupiter @ 13 degrees

2:47 pm PST/ 5:47 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 13 degrees

6:37 pm PST/ 9:37 pm EST

There is a culmination and completeness coming through this Aquarius full moon. What are your relationships telling you about yourself? What came to light finally, and now you can’t un-see? We are having an Aquarius/Leo polarity moment. There is the will of the ego, the force of leadership versus the what humanity wants from us, and the authenticity and society-shaking we can be as individuals. We might find ourselves on one side of the under or over culture and finding that something needs to give. We are exploring relationships, so we may be changing the way we connect with someone.

The earth trine with Mars and Jupiter suggest that you will know what to do. You will know how to react or move forward in an expansive way, we will know how to change course and let your energy move in the way it needs to. This is all practical magic. Whatever your next steps are– they are simple, clearcut, and make sense. You can move your energy forward, and you will, no matter how sharp the edge is that you are experiencing.

Moon squares Jupiter to catch us up on our reaction, and that’s when the spikey feelings come out. Upleveling doesn’t always feel super great. Sometimes it feels like loss. Sometimes it feels like confusion or disappointment. There are many flavors of the square, which is trying to catch us up after this full moon basically kicked us to the front of the stage where we feel out of sorts, alone, and misunderstood. But here we are, and we can’t pretend it didn’t happen. We can’t hide behind anyone, because this one is ours alone to process. And we are ready and able to be there.

Venus is still retrograding, so maybe we still feel connected. But maybe we feel alone, and completely out of sorts. This is part of the alchemy. Things are falling away so we can get into position. Have faith in yourself and your ability to love and connect no matter who is testing it

Wednesday August 2nd

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

8:44 am PST/ 11:44 am EST

Aquarius Moon oppose Leo Venus @ 26 degrees

2:14 pm PST/ 5:14 pm EST

As we get deeper into Venus retrograde, we are also still dealing with the separating T Square with Pluto at its apex and squaring the Nodes. Like the spoke of a wheel it’s dialing us to choices and frustrations between where we have been and where we are going. This is weaving into the Venus retrograde, where we are dealing with relationships and heart matters with others that are growingly confusing or untenable.

Aquarius Moon is asking us to be ourselves, fully-fleshed and Taurus Uranus will throw in some divine inspiration to make sure we’re getting the message. Something concretely unexpected might emerge from this moment, a fact, a piece of information, or even a pot hole might redirect you to this idea of your rebellious self. Being a rebel is hard work and a lot of get tired of it easily. A lot of us want to bond and blend in, at least sometimes, instead of feeling like we’re carrying something alone. How are is your individuality being called upon?

Moon then opposes Venus as if to double down on this question. How are you being asked to be authentically you, while your heart wants to connect. Has your heart been shown something it can’t ignore? Have you come to the end of a road, with nowhere else to go? Have you found yourself emerging out of a skin that is not the one you normally wear– and no one recognizes this new version of you? No matter what is happening, these transits are warming us up, and getting us primed for the journey into the underworld.

Thursday August 3rd

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 5 degrees

4:52 am PST/ 7:52 am EST

Pisces Moon opposite Virgo Mercury @ 7 degrees

8:01 am PST/ 11:01 am EST

Pisces Moon opposite Virgo Mars @ 15 degrees

8:14 pm PST/ 11:14 pm EST

When Moon conjuncts Saturn in Pisces there will be a letting-go process happening on several planes. This is in our tissues and maybe even our bloodlines. Healing often is messy, and letting go– for some of us– is like freefalling into the abyss– not just uncomfortable, but terrifying. We don’t really have a choice, however, as this emptying is necessary. The ocean moves, sometimes violently, to shake the systems up. The ocean inside of you meeting Saturn’s “no” and time-restricted boundaries says that we must let go.

Pisces Moon opposes Virgo Mercury, where our minds and emotional responses will be in some sort of argument, or back and forth. Our minds are sharp in Virgo, and we’ve covered every angle and every question. But our bodily emotions and responses are unavoidable. They carry the secrets of those who went before us, and Pisces is very much in the deep deep waters. We have psychic connections through Pisces Moon. This is a logic versus emotions transit that may come alive through your relationships with others.

Pisces Moon then opposes Virgo Mars. Disciplined and perfection seeking actions are going to have a hard time with liminal, confusing and emotional cycles. Somebody is feeling, and that could have an affect on everyone, the work that is being done, and what is being said. Somebody else is trying to get practical things done properly and their nature might not be the most hospitable for feelings. There is impulsiveness and aggressiveness on the table, and of course passion on both sides. How can you direct your energy to something constructive? How can you allow yourself to feel what’s there without letting it spill out?

Friday August 4th

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

3:59 pm PST/ 6:59 pm EST

When the Moon conjuncts Neptune, we have a dreamy, confusing, and sacred moment, especially in Pisces. This is a strongly potent time to connect with guides, do medicine and divination work, and sit alone on a mat and process your feelings.

Remember, you don’t need anything fancy, like a retreat or a linen outfit to access this healing and potent love from across all timeless realms. By having a body, you have access– and the only thing you need for this is a safe and private place to be in that body, and some time to sit with it. If you don’t have that time, don’t worry. You can’t get this wrong. Just acknowledge your presence and breathe.

Venus is now in the underworld, and it’s going to be hard for us to know what’s going on. The best medicine for times like these is to embrace not knowing. With Mercury in Virgo, this is going to be very difficult, as our minds are sharp, analytical, and exacting right now. But our brains can be all of these things and still not know what’s going on. Can you let go of certainty and dilate to the medicine of not knowing?

Saturday August 5th

Aries Moon trine Sun in Leo @ 13 degrees

6:39 pm PST/ 9:39 pm EST

Aries Moon gets a boost from this exuberant Sun. Our identity is strong and standing out, our emotional bodies have big bursts of feeling and expression. Aries Moon can often feel like a child, but with Leo Sun at the helm, we can have big feelings and a way of knowing our worth, a sense of pride and leadership, and a way of being even-keeled while out and about. This is a blessing for us while we contend with tougher transits involving our closest relationships.

This moment of self and identity is a chance to feel your inner fire, the “why” of who you love and also contend with love for yourself.

Sunday August 6th

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 19 degrees

5:45 am PST/ 8:45 am EST

Aries Moon trine Leo Venus @ 24 degrees

1:34 pm PST/ 4:34 pm EST

Leo Sun square Taurus Jupiter @ 14 degrees

5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct North Node @ 27 degrees

7:44 pm PST/ 10:44 pm EST

Aries Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

9:12 pm PST/ August 7th 12:12 am EST

Aries Moon’s conjunction with Chiron may not feel easeful with all these trials and tribulations in our relationships. We are becoming aware of what hurts for us individually, and how those hurts are set off, and also: who is setting them off? This is beautiful astrology to help us get into our own underworlds while we are Venus retrograde, and Aries Moon brings some inner child work to the table along with Chiron. Have you explored your wound sufficiently with all this Chiron work in the past few months? What are you learning about yourself?

Aries Moon is going to help us understand this question when it trines our underworld Venus. Aries Moon is helping us feel what is coming through our body’s history, a collection of cultural and familial hopes, dreams, and fears. Not all of it comes from your life, but some of it does. Are you seeing anything come up to either soothe you or help you understand what’s going on?

Sun squares Jupiter for some contention between our identity, beliefs, concrete growth, and egoic need to be seen. There is a question between our spiritual impulses and how they fit into our overall experience, and the practical and earth-bound ways we can expand. The risk here is overcompensating, over promising, or blowing things out of proportion. Our ego’s can hold on pretty tight to something.

Moon conjuncts North Node and opposes the South Node to get our bodies in tune with the North Node’s vision of what our identity is becoming. We are always a cocktail of what we were and what we are becoming and this transit is hinting that we might really need to do that work before we can understand WTF is going on with our relationships. We are all asking questions about our own behaviour and others’ and Moon says we must start at our own selves. What does “I am” mean to us, our cycles and in our bodies? What’s emerging?

Whatever comes up, Pluto will square Moon to help bring something to light. Something we can’t ignore is coming up. Pluto wants to kick us in the pants, and our sensitive nervous and lymphatic systems don’t always know how to deal with Pluto’s brutal shock to the senses. Are we fighting change? Are we uncomfortable with what we are letting go of? Are we just confused and don’t know who we are anymore?

Venus is in the dark and we might not be able to see where we are going. As we go deeper in, we realize we don’t have the same bag of tricks anymore. Our valuables seem to have been left at the door, and we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory without our wallet, keys or ID. This is all part of the journey. If you know what’s going on, then you aren’t paying attention.

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