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Weekly Transits: July 3rd - 9th

Monday July 3rd

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 9 degrees

2:01 am PST/ 5:01 am EST

Full Capricorn Moon @ 11 degrees

4:38 am PST/ 7:38 EST

Capricorn Moon opposes Cancer Mercury @ 14 degrees

9:50 am PST/ 12:50 am EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

6:13 pm PST/ 9:13 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

9:29 pm PST/ July 4th 12:29 pm EST

We open the day with a beneficial earth trine bringing us into a relationship between our bodies and cycle regulation and our expanded self. We are coming into relationship with the practicality of what’s here and also our beliefs about what could be. This Moon wants us to achieve greatness, but also lends us practical steps to get there. Feelings are a guidance system and Capricorn does a good job of using them to move forward.

This is when we have a full Capricorn Moon. This is a big deal; this full moon occurs with Mars and Venus almost conjunct in Leo and Mercury almost conjunct the Sun in Cancer. There are all kinds of duality themes running through this full Moon: private and public, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, beginning and endings, mother and father just to name a few. This full moon is ushering us deeper into summer and our relationships– it’s a cardinal opposition and therefore is designed to make us initiate a path. How can you hold room for both polarities? Is anything coming up for you that is difficult to contend with? Has anything ripened enough to fall off the vine for you metaphorically? Does anything look complete?

This big fancy Capricorn Moon boasts some big light. Now it opposes the Cancer Mercury– perhaps shedding light on what needs to be discussed, let out, or considered. Cancer Mercury may not want this kind of attention and may feel put on the spot, but Cancer Mercury can also hold its own. This mercury is more careful than emotional– it thinks ahead for safety reasons and also to protect itself. There could be an unpacking after that full moon that needs to happen.

And that unpacking could lead to some hurt feelings and bringing up of wounds. The polarities I mentioned earlier are definitely on the table, and we may see some struggle with patriarchal and hierarchical bloodlines and wounds of identity that come from childhood. Aries Chiron essentially wants us to use this pain to help everyone evolve, but it’s still pain. It still hurts. And Capricorn Moon will not let us indulge in our wound the same way other moons would. We have to pick up the pieces and go home. Can you do that while giving ample attention and compassion for yourself?

A beneficial trine from Taurus Uranus may help this moon make sense of this day. Uranus will hand down a course correction, surprise, or epiphany that will help us make sense of Capricorn Moon’s mission. Capricorn Moon wants us to thrive in our public life, and that’s the way it loves us. There’s an unstoppable quality as it asks us to keep trying and going, and Uranus is there to make sure that idea is echoed? How did you score today, in terms of figuring out what it’s all about? Any insights as to what you might be working with in the next few months?

Tuesday July 4th

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto @ 29 degrees

9:45 am PST/ 12:45 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square North Node in Taurus (South Node in Scorpio) @ 1 degree

12:26 pm PST/ 3:26 pm EST

Capricorn Moon did its work yesterday so today it could meet up with Pluto at the anaretic degree of Capricorn. Transformation is destruction of some sort, and often we have some sort of discomfort of welcoming destruction into our lives. We don’t like endings or completions or demolition. And yet, the “big bang theory” was a big destruction that was also a birth. We need destruction in order to lay the foundation for what comes next. Pluto’s job is to lay this foundation for us and the Moon catches our bodies and physical selves up with the program. We are moving forward no matter what. We are going to make changes, no matter what. What can you feel in your body regarding this; in your physical life. Did a change occur for you after the full moon and are you ready to jump into this newness? What basic and practical things are changing?

This question changes flavors when the new Aquarius Moon squares the North and South Nodes. We are in the middle of our karmic story and this Moon wants us to notice. There are things we do out of habit, or because we’re really good at them, but that we need to stop doing (South Node.) Maybe we need to stop doing them because they are destructive, but more often than not, it’s just that the doing of those things is keeping our soul from growing. They aren’t bad, and they might feel safe, but/ and/ also; the world is changing and therefore so must we. There are things that we know we should be doing and we avoid them because they are hard, feel unnatural, or they simply scare us (North Node.) Hopefully the observer Moon in Aquarius will help us see clearly where we are sitting on this trajectory. Can you see where you make changes, and where the world’s evolution is calling you forward? Can you sit with it in non-judgement?

Wednesday July 5th

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 10

2:27 am PST/ 5:27 am EST

Cancer Mercury square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

9:17 pm PST/ July 6th 12:17 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

9:29 pm PST/ July 6th 12: 29 am EST

Aquarius Moon squares Taurus Jupiter as we come into tension between what we know we need, or what serves, or what will keep us going, and the expanded self that is calling us to grow. There is a more individualistic streak in Taurus Jupiter– it is an earth Jupiter and therefore there are tangible things that are being called upon. This is a reality expansion, and we are being worked on in terms of our values. Aquarius Moon is related to cycles and looking at what works for everybody. It’s an interesting mix to be in the body but be so connected to the mental sphere of what’s happening around it. Taurus Jupiter asks it to ground, when it wants–more than anything– to be free. This energy is tough to work with, and yet, it feeds itself. Jupiter will help expand this grounded energy, but it will do it on its own sweet time.

The emotionally intelligent Cancer Mercury is watching and waiting. It understands what’s happening and is less forward than other mercury’s. It will hit a traffic jam against Aries Chiron, that wants– more than anything– to help the world using its own talents. And those talents are wounds. This cardinal square speaks to suffering. There is an uncomfortable initiation happening– asking us to say what needs to be said, asking us to have compassion for those that trigger us, asking us to perhaps open ourselves a little, even though it feels vulnerable. Chiron is a big connector between who we are in society and who we are in humanity. What we can get away with in our friend groups is not the same as our lifelong purpose. Your little life is bigger when viewed through Chiron’s lens. How can you lend your mind and your communications to this? How can you be more at exactly the moment you want to shut down?

Here comes Aquarius Moon again, but this time in relationship with Taurus Uranus through a square. Taurus Uranus rules this Moon. Whatever freedom and revolution that is going on within will get some sort of kick start or kick in the pants. You might be contending with some bloodline needs. Do you have a tendency to disassociate when things get real? See if you can stay present today to understand where you’re really at. There’s a message from the divine coming down today, that might be tough to integrate, but it’s a message you need.

Thursday July 6th

Aquarius Moon opposite Leo Venus @ 23 degrees

12:36 am PST/ 3:36 am EST

Aquarius Moon opposite Leo Mars @ 27 degrees

6:41 am PST/ 9:41 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 6 degrees

9:46 pm PST/ July 7th 12:46 am EST

Relationships are tested with Aquarius Moon opposing Leo Venus. Leo Venus is concerned with values, needs, and connection. Aquarius Moon needs freedom, and has an intellectual rationale. There may be a clash between people as fire and passion get ignited in Leo, and cooler heads prevail in Aquarius. Someone may ignite passions, and the other may want to run away. Be careful not to bully to get your way, and also be careful not to stonewall someone who is trying to communicate.

The passions ignite further with Leo Mars making the opposition with Aquarius Moon. Leo Mars will move and do something, Aquarius Moon’s idealism and coolness might be what precipitates the movement. Watch out for behavior– Leo is dramatic and wants to be seen. Aquarius will not be pinned down or forced into anything.

Moon conjuncts Saturn in Pisces. This gives a serious tone, and austere realization. Maybe we need boundaries and we don’t know how to get them, maybe we’ve hit a dose of reality that won’t let us indulge in our feelings the way we’d like. Perhaps we’ve been deluded about something or someone and it’s finally coming to a head. Something feels hard, and perhaps insurmountable, but this transit won’t last long.

Friday July 7th

Pisces Moon trine Cancer Sun @ 15 degrees

11:47 am PST/ 2:47 pm EST

The water trine is an opportunity to heal. Emotionally Pisces Moon links us to our ancestors, and Cancer Sun links us to our mother and father. What needs to heal in your bloodline? Who needs to heal in your bloodline? Cancer is concerned with safety and Pisces is concerned with dissolving. What’s coming up around healing for you? Are you ready to let something go?

This is an opportunity to think about the themes of Cancer season. What are you protecting yourself from? Where emotionally are you learning where you are vulnerable, and perhaps more guarded than you need to be. Are you carrying something from a mother figure that needs to be examined?

Saturday July 8th

Pisces Moon trine Cancer Mercury @ 24 degrees

2:55 am PST/ 5:55 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

8:21 am PST/ 11:21 am EST

Yod (lasts several days): Apex is Leo Mars @ 28 degrees, quincunx both Pluto @ 29 degrees & Pisces Moon / Neptune @ 29 & 27 degrees

12:21 am PST/ 3:21 degrees EST

Moon trines Mercury for some helpful understanding and feelings. Communication will be aware and emotionally intelligent. There is nurturing available and provides an invitation to let something go. Pisces Moon is psychic so there may be more to all of this than meets the eye.

Moon conjunct Neptune to bring some of this liminal emotional truth into the body. Neptune has gone retrograde so we are also contending with a review of this energy. The downloads you get could be confusing and hard to decode. Neptune is a force when it comes to yearning and love; your brain might want to find a place to put it, but this is between your body’s cycles and something you can’t quite understand. The yearning is love. Love is not just about possessing a person, or romantic relationships. It’s about the fact that you ARE love. That love is for you and your existence, and that it propels you to live. Can you let it be there? Can you feel the love of your ancestors through your body, knowing that they birthed you in their dreams?

A yod is created through a sextile with Neptune and Pluto apexing with Mars in Leo. It will last until around the 16th, and then the apex will switch between Venus and Mercury in Leo and starts to dissipate around the 31st of July. The yod is known as the finger of god, and the apexing planet is always the exit point. With Leo Mars being the focus now– we look at our energy and how it moves. We look at how we lead and how we forge forward. There is an independence and fiery purpose to this Mars, and it will be transiting the house with Leo on the cusp.

Yods aren’t easy to move through but they provide an area of growth. The transpersonal planets below are working together to pull you into humanity’s story, and make it personal. Where is your energy focusing right now? What are you pulled into and how much do you lead? What are you proud of and what is your heart telling you?

Sunday July 9th

Aries Moon square Cancer Sun @ 17 degrees

6:46 pm PST/ 9:46 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 19 degrees

10:50 pm PST/ June 10th 1:50 am EST

Aries and Cancer are linked to child and mother respectively. Moon is ruled by Cancer, and Sun is exalted in Aries. So there is an intertwined relationship between these two luminaries as they square today. Aries Moon is quick and expressive, bold and impatient. There’s something being felt and known inside that is coming up against a more patient, protective, and emotional sign of your ego and identity.. There is a child inside of each of us that is unfiltered and expressive. There is a parent inside each of us that knows how to help, but we aren’t always aware of this. Squares are usually frustrating and difficult, especially in Cardinal signs because they are designed to make us move forward and carry something new. Moon and Sun are two sides of you, the part of you that is spirit, the part of you that is material and linked to your bloodline. How can you parent yourself and emotions when things get dislodged?

This becomes important when Moon conjuncts Chiron. This is a wound we’ve been working with for a while. It originates in the fabric of your upbringing and likely unmasks itself in unexpected ways. When Moon integrates with Chiron, it means that we will definitely feel the wound. But what will we do with it? How will we process it? Can we become the healer we need? Can we feel the wounding, let it be there, and call it part of us?

Remember the yod from yesterday is still pointing us to Mars in Leo. How are you expressing your energy? How do you lead by heart, and what does it mean for your heart to be seen?

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