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Weekly transits June 5th- 11th

Monday, June 5th

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 3 degrees

6:04 am PST/ 9:04 am EST

Venus enters Leo

6:47 am PST/ 9:47 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 4 degrees

7:51 am PST/ 10:51 am EST

Leo Venus opposes Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

8:53 am PST/ 11:53 am EST

An earthy trine begins the day between moon and North Node in Taurus. How can your bodily emotions and regulations get you through to where you are going? How can you physically ground yourself where you need to be for the next steps of where you are going. Your body will want bare bones acknowledgement and care while you are going to do the things. Get the rest and sustenance you need.

Venus enters Leo. All the world’s a stage. We head into summer with big emotional, heart-led vibe3s. Leo is proud, it’s affectionate, and it’s boss. This energy knows its worth, and wants to spread the love. How can you tap into that in the most mundane parts of your life? Your way of connecting and your way of valuing others can be fueled by some serious confidence and panache. “You do you” is not an insult, it’s a rallying cry. Do you! With heart and hair, with connection and flair. If Leo is in Venus we want to really carve out our superstars, our purpose, and ability to lead. We do it for everyone. Can you click into the part of you that knows that the show must go on?

Capricorn Moon trines Taurus Jupiter for some earthy stability in all this fiery new energy. Capricorn Moon deals in reality, in moving further and it’s got the practical details in mind. There are still steps that need to be taken. But if taking those steps will expand you, your values, then let’s go! Venus just stepped into Leo and she’s ruling this Jupiter. Who are you really? Who could you be?

This newly adorned Venus makes a first aspect to Pluto in Aquarius. Wow. Opposites attract. Aquarius Pluto is going to take Leo Venus to places she’s never dreamed and show her a world she’s never even considered. This is some cool calculated energy to touch down on fiery Venus. This interplay will show us a transformation that is brewing. Something personal will become universal. Something universal will become personal. No matter what is happening, this opposition pulls something out, or makes us deal with something we didn’t want to see. There is a part of you looking out for everybody in your way, and a part of you trying to see where you fit in the puzzle. This will be a question you work with for awhile, this opposition is a first flavor of it.

Tuesday, June 6th

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

7:45 am PST/ 10:45 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees

10:09 am PST/ 1:09 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Mercury @ 23 degrees

2:33 pm PST/ 5:33 pm EST

Capricorn Moon is so practical. It doesn’t dabble in emoting when it could be using feelings as fuel to get things done, get things going, and to accomplish. Feelings are a springboard in Capricorn in which things get accomplished and realized. Feelings– for this moon– are a useful compass, but not a hot tub to hang out in.

Aries Chiron will be challenging this. Chiron is the big wound we feel. There is no sense making or practicality in a wound. It just sits there making us crazy in its unfairness, and serious pain. Wounds are confusing if nothing else, and definitely don’t bring out any practical solutions. Aries Chiron speaks to our wound in identity, so could shake up our confidence and our cadence. We might be cantering along, but get stopped in our tracks when we don’t know who we are or what we should do. This is good medicine, even if a bit disconcerting. Don’t ignore this opportunity to check in with yourself. You are growing so much, perhaps your wound is taking you to some new coping mechanisms. Perhaps your wound is showing you a path you didn’t know existed? Can you be open to it?

Capricorn Moon then makes a helpful trine to Taurus Uranus, echoing this theme of something new. A new path, idea, revelation, or way of working will reveal itself in its earthy glory. This may feel like the moment you find a place for that puzzle piece that you’ve been trying so hard to place. This may just feel like the only path forward. Either way, this is a course correction moment and it’s here to support your next steps. Your body will tell you the truth too– so remember to check in with it. Capricorn Moon uses the body as a compass, so don’t be too attached to the way you were going to do things. Things change, and that’s a great thing, even if you are in earth signs!

Capricorn Moon makes a final beneficial trine to Taurus Mercury. We are firing on even, intentionally thought out, and supported cylinders. The road to get to this place of thinking, communication, and channels of movement was built over the last few months. We really parsed out the what’s, whys, and how's, and now we have an even channel to get our energy through. Trust your body and mind in this moment to deliver what needs to happen. You are rooted and ready for the next challenge, and you fought through a lot of slow moving confusion to get here.

Wednesday, June 7th

Aquarius Moon conjunct Pluto @ 0 degrees

1:47 am PST/ 4:47 am EST

Aquarius Moon opposes Leo Venus @ 1 degree

4:39 am PST/ 7:39 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus North Node/ Scorpio South Node @ 3 degrees

6:53 am PST/ 9:53 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 4 degrees

9:34 am PST/ 12:34 am EST

Aquarius Moon opposes Leo Mars @ 10 degrees

7:12 pm PST/ 10:12 pm EST

Aquarius Moon is doing the work today, so let’s spend a minute on this very special flavor of Moon. Aquarius Moon is fixed air, it’s a bit of a loner, and sees things through a high level. Aquarius moon is highly intelligent, needs its time and space, and doesn’t get caught up in histrionics. Aquarius Moon is the calm within the storm; the eye of the needle so to speak. Aquarius prefers abstract concepts than down-to-earth practicality. An Aquarius Moon has time to really think out its concepts. Although somewhat ruled by Saturn (the time lord) it is also ruled by Uranus (non-linear time.) So this Moon will have us working with conceptual humanitarianism, freedom, revolution, and that which is unusual. Social gatherings are favored.

Out of the gate this Moon makes a conjunction to Pluto at zero degrees. This is like a kiss from the underworld, guaranteeing change and a forward propulsion all day. Did anything come up? Is there anything that you feel within that is pointing you in a new direction? Remember Pluto likes to destroy what isn’t working for the sake of transformation. But this is a small transit that is designed to do a big of self check and chipping away. Did anything come up?

Aquarius Moon then opposes our powerful new Leo Venus, where she resides until October. You will be worked on in terms of how you connect, and who you are when connecting. Your values will be under review. Aquarius Moon will put you in an observer space to notice things here. You will have high level objectivity while you start to observe your tricks and habits when dealing with others. Is there something that needs to change or be investigated? This is a fixed opposition, so if anything becomes very uncomfortable remember that awareness is the first step of change. You don’t have to do it all at once.

Aquarius Moon then goes on to square the Nodes. Where are you headed and where have you been? Where do you find yourself going despite what’s comfortable or easy? This Moon wants you to see the bigger picture, and to feel that while you are facing the inevitable big growth you are heading for. Do you have a sense of what the Nodes want for you these days? They are finishing up their tour of Scorpio and Taurus soon, and have really looked at what is in form and what needs to be transformed. What energy is staying with you on this journey and how is it helping you move forward?

This Moon then squares Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus is trying to advance our values, and what we value. It’s trying to expand our abundance, not only financially, but our experience of everything in this earthly realm. Jupiter is trying to remind us that here on earth we have unlimited bounty. We have so much. As we move into the Aquarian age, it’s easy to forget what’s real and in form supporting us. We often move into a conceptual, online version of ourselves and forget to give out the hugs, eye contact, and recognition that our fellow humans deserve. How can you expand your experience on earth? That is a concept that Aquarian Moon can easily help you with. Aquarian Moon might be unemotional, but it is in your body, and understands the earthly realm.

Aquarian Moon then opposes Leo Mars. One is cold and the other hot. Mars is going to move, because it’s called to. Aquarian Moon is going to second guess Mars’ motives, effectiveness, and values. This is an interesting opposition that could erupt as a personal struggle, or an argument. Fixed signs can cause friction when they oppose each other, but this friction can give birth to good ideas, coping mechanisms, and general emotional intelligence. How are you learning to keep objectivity when you are burning to move energy? Can you hold your temper and your integrity while dealing with what needs to happen?

Thursday, June 8th

Aquarius Moon trine Gemini Sun @ 17 degrees

6:28 am PST/ 9:28 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees

11:37 am PST/ 2:37 pm EST

Leo Venus square Taurus North Node @ 3 degrees

1:18 pm PST/ 4:18 pm EST

The day begins with a gorgeous air trine asking us to use intelligence and forethought in our expression of ourselves. We are sharp and ready to use our minds; if you have an early morning meeting or conversation coming up, you should be top of your mental game, understanding larger concepts but with the ability to get into the nitty gritty with curiosity and excitement. Writing projects will be favored today with this lovely trine.

Aquarius Moon then squares Taurus Uranus to deliver the unexpected twists and turns that we love from Uranus. Aquarius Moon gives us the objective clarity we need to deal with the epiphanies and surprises coming forth from Uranus in Taurus. Have you seen any changes in what you value lately? Are you confused as to what is important to you? How can mother earth deliver the stability you crave? Have you touched her, sat with her, asked her for guidance? There is a lot of technological anxiety coming forth these days; and yet the medicine of the earth, trees, flowers, bushes, animals, insects is right outside our doors. Even in a city sprawl, there is some tree or bush to contemplate, love, water, adore. There is something magical and marvelous in every creation of our mother. Have you worshiped her and her creations, internally, for a few minutes lately?

Leo Venus makes a square to both nodes. Leo Venus is dealing with how we lead and love, how we use our heart as our guidance, and move boldly into the limelight. The nodes are in Scorpio (South Node) and Taurus (North Node) asking us what is coming with us into our future. Who is coming with us into our future? What and who do you value, and where do our relationships and values require transformation? This is a fixed square, so it requires work to sustain or compost these ideas. This is foundational work.

Friday, June 9th

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 7 degrees

3:15 pm PST/ 6:15 pm EST

Pisces Moon is busy pulling out liminal messages and ideas from the ether. Pisces Saturn is busy trying to make these dreams and desires into something tangible. Your body and overall emotional knowing is a beacon to this work. You are a container for divine messaging, dreaming, and feeling. How can you allow for this to come today?

Getting messages from the divine is not always pleasant or comfortable. But sometimes it's the easiest thing going. Do you ever set yourself up as an antennae for this knowledge? Do you second guess yourself and your felt knowledge? This is difficult, as most of our divine power was domesticated out of us since childhood. We were not allowed time to experience our magical connection to things, and we were told we were daydreaming, too sensitive, or unfocused. There is a divine focus to this work, and some of us can bring it forth through writing, painting, sculpting, or music. How can you dilate to this?

Saturn is serious because it has a very important job to do in your life; and that is to keep you on track. Saturn in Pisces knows the importance of art and music, of feelings and helping others. Don’t get caught in capitalist ideas of Saturn– on-track is on-track, and Pisces Saturn believes in your art, your feelings, your poetry, your path. Where we’ll see the fine tuning is in areas that we get deluded or ahead of ourselves. Where we skip from a nice Buddhist quote to making millions, or invest all the money in something that seems too good to be true. Saturn is work, and time. Nothing comes quickly with Saturn. Remember that when you feel like you’ve found the magic bullet.

Saturday, June 10th

Pisces Moon square Gemini Sun @ 19 degrees

12:31 pm PST/ 3:31 pm EST

Sun and Moon make a mutable square today. How is Gemini season treating you? Who and what are you learning about? With all this Taurus energy, Gemini Sun has been doing all the Gemini work for us. Our minds (Mercury and Uranus) have been guided by Taurus while our impulses to connect and act (Venus and Mars) are integrating in Leo, where . Right now we also have Neptune, Moon, and Saturn in Pisces. This is a lot of fixed and mutable energy together. Change is coming, just not too quickly.

So how does this Moon/Sun mutable square play out? Likely personally. Some sort of divine knowing is going to propel your ego to learn and talk more. More information will need to be gathered and populated. You are dissolving something and growing something at the same time. This could feel at odds. It isn’t. This is an ebb and flow of your growth.

Gemini is the sign of duality and Pisces is the sign of endings. There's definitely something on the menu here that is ushering in change. Can you just go with it? If you are resisting it-- why are you resisting? What are you holding on to?

Sunday, June 11th

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 27 degrees

2:09 am PST/ 5:09 am EST

Pluto returns to Capricorn

2:46 am PST/ 5:46 am EST

Mercury Enters Gemini

3:27 am PST/ 9:27 am EST

Venus in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus

8:26 am PST/ 12:26 am EST

Aries Moon trine Leo Venus @ 5 degrees

4:40 pm PST/ 7:40 pm EST

This day brings changes. Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune for psychic, spiritual, dreamwork. You’ll be feeling a lot and not necessarily able to cognitively understand the information coming through your body, but this is a beautiful water marriage that is there to support and heal. What makes you feel integrated in life? What messages are coming to you? Does being a vessel for love hurt? Can you forgive the pain for being there, and move forward?

Pluto returns to Capricorn. We are revisiting this big generational transit once more in our lifetimes, and this is it. Extractive pillaging of earth resources is on its way out, but it gets one more kick at the can. This transit is a wrap up for all of us. We have transformed, but there might be some dust bunnies to clean up. We may see the hierarchical oligarchs facing a bit of instability as the world changes. There might be a free grab at power. We shall see how this plays out in the news and personally, as we have been catapulted into the age of Aquarius. There is no going back now.

Mercury then moves into Gemini. If you felt fuzzy or slow in your brain channel recently, you are going to get some clear, open channeled thinking and communication. Gemini learns quickly, notices many things at once and is constantly in a state of learning and understanding. This can be intense, or even anxiety ridden, but it’s fast, smart, curious energy; and Mercury functions exceptionally in this air sign. The pace of this kind of energy can be overwhelmingly fast, or relievingly so, depending on your sensibility. Some of you may need to practice grounding under this transit. Don’t let anyone else set your pace. Your rhythm is yours to protect and maintain.

Venus in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus. This is a time to review what you value, what you love, and what you want to see grow. Venus in Leo is rules Jupiter, so despite the square, there is a symbiosis between these two planets. Both are known as benefic, but may not be experienced as such. Venus in Leo wants to get going, connect, and lead by heart. There is really so much heart to this Venus, and courage to stand alone if it has to. This might come into tension with the very conscious and intentional pace of Jupiter in Taurus. It wants to expand of course, but in an incremental and controlled way. But it’s really looking at what we value, and so does Venus. Jupiter in Taurus will have an easier time growing by receiving and Venus in Leo may get itchy feet to get out there and take that bull by the horns. Either way, their purposes are aligned, and will only be a boon to your growth. But remember that growth is uncomfortable.

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