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Weekly Transits September 25th- October 1st

Monday September 25th

Virgo Mercury trine Taurus Jupiter @ 14 degrees

5:04 am PST/ 8:04 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 14 degrees

4:48 pm PST/ 7:48 pm EST

First an earth trine between the winged messenger and the sky god. Virgo Mercury is all about quick, clear, and accurate thinking, a preciseness in communication and an ability to read a room (or a spreadsheet.) Taurus Jupiter is all about practical augmentation, the ability to change beliefs while rooted in core knowledge, manifestations that support security and the long haul. Taurus Jupiter is far from easy, but if you do the work, you’ll get the reward. Together these two benefit each other’s aims– your communication will be helpful as will your real world activities, and your preciseness is a boon to helping you see where your beliefs are limiting or need review.

Later on there is a fixed square between Moon and Jupiter. What are you learning about your beliefs today? Where are you dug in, or where do you find it hard to transcend the “evidence” of the past? It has always been like this, and always happens this way. This may or may not be true, but you have an opportunity to transcend your overall knowledge and sense-memory, and make the most of what is happening. Aquarius Moon can get through any of this from an objective and helpful standpoint, but Taurus Jupiter can help you conquer this discomfort by making you sit in the reality of it, in order to really know your way of growth. Taurus Jupiter, if anything, is very intentional and slow about germination. You can dilate your read on this situation. Sometimes the answer is clear, and really it’s about you accepting it. Fixed squares are uncomfortable and yet they really give us our next course of action. If you give up resisting, what’s left between your bodily cycles and who you are wanting to be? Is there a through-line?

Tuesday September 26th

Aquarius Moon trine Libra Mars @ 19 degrees

12:11 am PST/ 3:11 am EST

Aquarius Moon opposes Leo Venus @ 20 degrees

1:46 am PST/ 4:46 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

5:37 am PST/ 8:37 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 1 degree

8:00 pm PST/ 11:00 pm EST

Aquarius Moon is trying to find solutions that work for everyone, and has the entire clan in mind. Don’t try to keep it married to tradition or the old ways, Aquarius Moon is emotionally porting into Uranian vibes; that is freedom, technology, and rebellion. There is an erratic feeling to this, a “what if we just did this?” quality to it, and the goal is freedom. Libra Mars helps or is helped by this visionary emotional field: Yeah, why DON”T we? Who’s stopping us? Has anyone tried it this way? This is best for all. Action and energy based in fairness and balance will work well with this Aquarian impulse. This is an effortless air blessing.

Next we have a fixed opposition; freedom loving and eccentric emotionality through Moon, versus a very headstrong and fiery Venus. There are opposites working together: hot and cool, subconscious reaction versus strong preferences, the need to lead versus the need to be part of the collective, the need to shine versus the need to blend in. This may come through a relationship issue, and it’s a quick transit that will likely clarify or finetune something.

Moon then squares its ruler, Uranus that is residing currently in Taurus. Moon instinctually wants to break out of its box, and this Uranus is cool with that, as long as it’s intentional. Uranus is usually as quick as a flash, but not so much in Taurus. There is carefulness and planning involved in this energy, while this Moon is more knee-jerk. Pace is not the only difference in this fixed square; but there are similarities that make this moment important. There is intentionality to this rebellion.

Moon conjuncts Saturn in Pisces, and this is a deeply felt and confusing moment. It may feel a little sad or dark; and that’s only because Saturn in Pisces doesn’t let us mess around with trivialities, and this Moon feels everything in the body. Saturn has work to do and it is bound by time. Your bodily cycles are too, but Moon in Pisces, while so close to earth, tries to escape the corporeal experience. Reality can be crunchy if you aren’t tapped into your higher self, your higher ideals, and Moon carries a whole lot of ancestral stuff that might make it hard to access this. What is something pleasurable and connected that also attaches you to your higher self? Presence can be helpful here, whether through an intentional shower, walk, breath, or meditation. What is something quick and dirty you can do to feel your connection to the whole? It may seem simple, but it will help you weather this mutable moment.

Wednesday September 27th

Pisces Moon opposes Virgo Mercury @ 18 degrees

11:16 pm PST/ Sept 28th 2:16 am EST

This deeply psychic Moon has you feeling what’s in the air, or the field. Virgo Mercury is bringing down clarity and divine insight. This is feelings-versus-brain inspo thing. Pisces Moon is deeply in the tissues, and in the collective consciousness, so it will be difficult to ignore the signals coming forth today in the emotional field, even if the emotions are coming from outside of you. You might have a relationship moment; logic versus emotions, clarity versus confusion, unconscious versus conscious are themes you may grapple with today.

Remember that Libra season is beautiful because of the balance between light and dark, no matter what hemisphere you are in. This is a middle ground of offerings from both the exterior and interior world, where we learn how to be in both/and. A full Moon is on its way in Aries in a few days and you may feel this impending culmination.

Thursday September 28th

Yod: Pisces Moon is apex @ 20-22 degrees, inconjunct Libra Mars @ 20 degrees and Leo Venus @ 21 degrees

2:16 am PST/ 5:16 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 26 degrees

10:54 am PST/ 1:54 pm EST

Leo Venus and Libra Mars are sextile. There is a need to shine and also a need to act. Leo Venus is headstrong and likes to lead, Libra Mars wants to move but only when things are fair and balanced. These tow are working together towards something important, and Pisces Moon will be how this energy works through you. So you may feel something you can’t quite understand, and your body might know something you can’t quite put your finger on. There is a depth to this Moon, and there is a theme of endings here that might be difficult to bear. Libra Mars is, if nothing else, careful and intentional about its movement, Leo Venus is headstrong and heart-led in its way of connecting, and Pisces Moon feels it all. This yod is moving you to an ending that needs to be felt. A wisdom in your body that may be ancient. This is a great time to exercise your artistic and spiritual muscles.

Moon conjuncts Neptune, and likely you won’t have any idea what’s going on, because you are what’s going on. This is beyond brain work, this is beyond thoughts. You are connected to source and that means that altered states will make you more…altered. Again, Pisces Moon has psychic tendencies, so if inspiration hits, get out the paints, pencils, journals, and clay. If the tears flow, take it to the mat– sit in silence and dilate to the beauty of it all, or stretch out your tissues to release whatever is there. This is not a good day to make important decisions, but it is a great day to let go of what does not serve in preparation for the upcoming full Moon in Aries.

Friday September 29th

Full Moon in Aries @ 6 degrees

2:57 am PST/ 5:57 am EST

Leo Venus squares Uranus in Taurus @ 22 degrees

10:45 am PST/ 1:45 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 18 degrees

10:43 pm PST/ September 30th 1:43 am EST

On April 19th/ 20th there was a New Moon North Node Solar Eclipse in Aries. This Full Moon is the culmination of the work that was started within that portal. The part of your chart ruled by Aries and containing this degree will help you decode what this lesson and manifestation was about, but it will definitely have something to do with your spark, identity, and selfhood. This was new energy that is not so new anymore as we close this chapter. There is an idea of integration of the self into this idea of relationships. Sun is in Libra, shining a big spotlight on this part of you that is finite and infinite at the same time. What have you learned about yourself in the past 6 months? What confidence have you built that is changing the game for you?

Leo Venus squares Taurus Uranus. No matter how fixed our opinions and stances, Uranus will shake it up. Our valued relationships and possessions will be under scrutiny for practicality and usefulness. Of course that’s a strange way to look at relationships, but we do need to identify what is of value and what is not. There is an emotional heart link to this friction, and a “how do we feel safe, secure, and ready?” vibe. Venus rules this aspect, and is creative so it may help to look at the creative power of this aspect, that will bring twists and turns, surprises and changes.

The journey of Moon from full to conjunct Chiron is interesting. You may know of or feel old wounding or healing, or both at once. Your body will be reminded depending on where you are on your journey with Chiron. This idea of selfhood is interesting when we think of Chiron as the bridge between our “little lives” and our role with the transpersonal plight of humanity and beyond. What archetype are you feeling today? Are you a bard, medicine worker, bodyworker, elder? These are not the only potential archetypes of course– I find this Jungian archetypal work so fascinating and would love to dive deeper into it. But inherently, we all have an archetype we found ourselves wearing at some point. Chiron is the wounded healer and we are all–each one of us– wounded healers. Aries Moon gives us the idea of self. What kind of archetype are you carrying with you these days?

Saturday September 30th

Aries Moon opposes Libra Mars @ 22 degrees

5:18 am PST/ 8:18 am EST

Aries Moon trine Leo Venus @ 23 degrees

7:07 am PST/ 10:07 am EST

Mercury in Virgo trine Taurus Uranus @ 22 degrees

9:44 am PST/ 12:44 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct North Node @ 24 degrees

9:47 am PST/ 12:47 pm EST

Aries Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

2:48 pm PST/ 5:48 pm EST

Aries Moon opposes Libra Mars. Are we done with relationship stuff yet? Apparently not! The opposition between Moon and Mars has actions and feelings facing off. Are you feeling seen or heard, and do you have the identity freedom you need? Are actions of love and devotion, solving problems helping or making you feel as though you are being skimmed over?

This individualistic Moon then makes a fire trine to Venus, helping you see your own role in your connections and ways to lead with others. There is courage, bravery and pride in this beneficial energy, which asks us more about what can work in relationships, and specifically how WE work in relationships. This is a blessing to invigorate the spark and fire when dealing with others.

We then receive a beneficial earth trine from Virgo Mercury and Taurus Uranus. Our thought processes and comprehension skills are on steroids. We are truly getting solid information and inspiration, whatever is coming to our attention and whatever curveballs are thrown, we are ready and willing, smart and savvy and have practical ideas on how to deal.

Moon then conjuncts the North Node. Your body may make a proclamation, or you may find yourself desiring something you don’t normally desire. This is between you and you. While North Node and South Node are working on your relationship axis, Aries Moon and its big feelings and courageous enterprising impulses is the star of the show and you’ll find yourself stepping into your future with your body’s permission. There might be discordance in these emotions only because North Node offers a challenge and riddle.

A cardinal square between Pluto and Moon suggests that North Node’s work will carry you into some sort of transformative state. Maybe it’s time to journal? Moon is so personal and Pluto so powerful it might be confusing to feel yourself go through such changes. You might not even know how to unpack what's morphing for you emotionally and instinctively, in your body.

Sunday October 1st

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 14 degrees

6:36 pm PST/ 9:36 pm EST

Our personal principle of security within our bodily containers will conjunct with our beliefs and understanding of what could be. Something dilates in us with this beautiful conjunction, perhaps we know ourselves better, perhaps we create our own dependability and sensuality, perhaps we learn how to receive what is there for us. However the energy visits you, it’s been a slow and steady journey to get to this place, and you’ve put real work into this. Try to find ways to celebrate and enjoy what you have built. This doesn’t have to be anything major, but there is an expansion coming to you, personally, and through your belief of what could be.

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