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You are the Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

Tomorrow (May 10th, 2022) Jupiter ingresses into Aries, where it will stay until October 27th/ 28th, and then come back between December 20th- May 16th, 2023. I have a stellium (cluster of planets) in Aries, so Jupiter in Aries is a big deal for me. But each of us has the full zodiac in us, and therefore-- everyone will feel this transit. Some more than others. You can’t go around hating Aries, because YOU have an area of your chart that is ruled by Aries, and that will connect to Mars, Aries’ planet.

The last time that Jupiter was in Aries, I was making the best money I’ve ever made and I had a boyfriend. Things had really changed for me in a way they hadn’t been for a long time. Jupiter was known by the ancients as a planet of “luck” and “abundance.” But as we know from the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 2020, Jupiter expands us, but that process is not always pleasant. Jupiter enlarges everything it touches, and sometimes that’s hard times that are moving you to your next mission.

It’s 12 years later since the last Jupiter-in-Aries transit. Can you remember what was happening in your life 12 years ago? That might give you a clue on how this transit might hit you. It will matter if you have any planets in Aries, especially personal ones, like I do. It will also matter if you have any angles, like your AC, DC, IC, MC in Aries, or either of your nodes. But even if you have an empty old house with Aries, you are guaranteed to get some housal action during this transit.

Jupiter is expansion, magnitude, belief and largess. It signifies travel, education, spirituality, belief systems. Aries is rebirth, initiatory, self driven and full of identity. It’s sexy, embodied, and active.. It says that YOU are the star of the show. A jupiter bump on your natal wheel can lend you a dance with abundance, travel, heroism, conflict and fortitude. It says we need to do our work, and battle through. YOU are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

This might be happening for you:

Physically (in house 1) or in your self confidence and savings, your material goods (house 2). It could be coming up around your paradigms and communication style, or locally with your siblings and neighbors (house 3,) or in your home and family life (house 4).

It might be to do with your hobbies, kids, creativity/arts/ sports or sex life (house 5) or the day to day habits of your job, or your health (house 6). It could be affecting your one-on-one relationships like your spouse, business partner, clients (house 7) or affecting what you share with others-- like if you are a broker, or you receive a will, or if you are in an intense love relationship with interesting power dynamics (house 8).

It could affect your learning or faith, or a big trip on the horizon (house 8) or-- like me-- your vision for your career and public life (house 10.) Finally, this transit could be all about your community, or group that you are involved with such as an association, social media group, club, or altrustic organization (house 11) or it could affect you liminally, in private where you take yourself out to be alone, or spiritually (house 12.)

If you have planets or angles in Aries or other cardinal signs like Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, you may feel this boost more. When a planet is at the same angle as Jupiter, you may also feel that energy when it aspects the placement. If you have a Sagittarius rising you may also feel this greatly, because Jupiter rules your chart, and Jupiter's movement might really just be a sensitive point for you. Jupiter in a fire sign is going to be a shift after its tour in the visionary, dream-like Pisces. Jupiter loves to dream and believe, but eventually, we have to DO/ MAKE/ TAKE ACTION.

We tend to look at Jupiter’s behavior in our charts as lucky, and benefic, but Jupiter can also catch us in the less-than-stellar aspects of Aries. If we have Mars in Aries, we might see an increase in our aggression, if we have Saturn in Aries, we might hit a cycle of completion and a reality check on what we can do with ourselves. I know someone who lost his brother to a long battle with cancer when Jupiter crossed his MC. Sometimes Jupiter's gifts are ones we’d not necessarily want. So Jupiter's shadow is energy we can work with, but we need to anchor ourselves in what we want to achieve and do.

What are you ready to begin right right now? What are you ready to act on? Jupiter will give you a big boost. Is there an area of life where you have been afraid to step up? A place where you’ve been waiting around to find out who is going to take the lead? Maybe it’s you? Or maybe you've been dreaming of uncoupling, or seeking independance from someone or something. This is your time, friends!

We are still facing climate change, and some epic and egregious imbalance of power in the favor of very few. It’s clear that if anyone is going to save us, it’s us. It’s also clear that in “us against them” we all lose. Borders are fictional, capital is an idea.

Where in your life can you awaken the hero within, knowing that the most humble acts we do are the most powerful? Aries is definitely a sign that in shadow can be selfish, but at its best, it’s a hero, a warrior, and it does what it takes. There is a part of you like this to discover, and the world REALLY REALLY needs you. Fire is spiritual, afterall, it is the spark that started this big thing we're doing. Don't be afraid of your divinity.

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