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Astrology Transits for Saturday April 20th: We Are Being Coaxed Into a Future That is Real

A man drinks beer during an earthquake
Don't spill your beer.

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Jupiter@ 21 degrees

3:12 am PST/ 6:12 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

3:27 am PST/ 6:27 am EST

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Mars @ 22 degrees

4:07 am PST/ 7:07 am EST

Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune @ 28 degrees

5:18 pm PST/ 8:18 pm EST

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus @ 21 degrees

7:27 pm PST/ 10:27 pm EST

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

10:18 pm PST/ April 21st 1:18 am EST

Moon trine Jupiter. This earth trine has us working with our beliefs and what is growing in our lives in a tangible way. Things are working in our bodies, we are able to meet our needs, we are able to go the distance. Maybe what needs to happen isn’t that fun, like we have to clean our room or pack to move, or get a colonoscopy; but whatever it is, it will work. This is nice energy to have working for us. 

Moon trine Uranus. Again the energy is working, with us and for us, even if there is a surprise or diversion mixing it up. Changes or new information will keep us on track, regardless of us not having planned for it. This practical energy is preparing us for some deeper work later in the day. 

Moon opposite Mars. This Moon is hyper aware, perfectionistic, and analytical. This Mars is porous and extends its energy emotionally and liminally. There is a relationship issue here, based on the instinct of what needs to happen, and the non linear expression of energy and will. This Mars is spiritual, it does have a way of doing things that is cloaked and dissolving. It may be confusing to some to understand where it is going and what it is doing. Equally this Moon is mired in details and overthinks everything. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong– most certainly it’s right about what it knows. But the overall importance of what is important will be in tension here.

That tension mounts a bit with Moon opposing Neptune. If Mars in Pisces wasn’t being clear or overt with its determination, Neptune will be downright confusing, potentially misleading. What you can reach is a place of compassion through your relationship tension, of understanding that the only way to get through some issues with another person is to understand that they are trying their absolute best, even if we don’t think that “best” is good enough. We don’t really know the full story of anyone– their memories, ideas or why they are the way they are. This is why sometimes we just need to recognize that whatever havoc they cause, they probably do not intend it, and if they do, it’s likely because they are incredibly flawed. 

The big news today is Jupiter and Uranus becoming conjunct. I write about this in greater detail here. This is a rare transit that happens once every 14 years and will affect the entire world and society in great ways, causing breakthroughs and quantum leaps. There is a tangible and reality based thing going on here that could change the way we do food systems or currency. This could be a jarring transit for some, and for others, quite lucrative. Wherever and however this shows up for you, know that we are being coaxed into a future that is real, and that our beliefs should catch up with this new energy. Taurus is a slow sign, and likely the changes we see happening today have been brewing for a long time. Whichever house this conjunction happens in your chart, this will be something to reflect back on for years to come.

Moon trine Pluto. Air trines will make us smart and savvy with communication and problem solving. This Moon wants harmony, peace, and balance to meet its needs, and this Pluto is asking us to look at something that was buried, and transform it to something that is not only beneficial to us, but beneficial to all. That isn’t always pleasant change, but it’s usually always necessary change and understanding. The fact that we essentially want peace and harmony makes this work together, and embrace needed change, even if it’s difficult to face. 

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